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Posted by Blackbear

I really appreciate this game. Best platinum I have!! I also appreciated the LOTR history lesson :D Thanks guys!!

Posted by Domineeto

I actually loved hearing Brad talk about LOTR.

Posted by zeo12

Best quick look of the year!!! , done.

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So Tolkien did the whole Faerie Queene mythologized history of England thing while also doing the Borges found piece of literature thing. I don't know why I do this to myself. Take a lit course Dan Ryckert!

I think Brad needs to take a vacation to GB East. Vinny and Alex long ago proved they were men of culture and intelligence.

Posted by dangerousrockface

Brad's lectures on LOTR lore are the greatest. If Cinnamon Girl wasn't as dry as Brad says it is it I'd love it for the next Bomb After Reading.

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It just hit me how many fictional universes mirror the same structure of the "main story" taking place in the age of decline, long after the age of gods and magic where all the actual crazy shit went down. Perhaps that stems from our own history of mythology?

I'm not sure what Brad's stance is, but I think the origin stories of massive scale and captivating side stories mostly serve the purpose of worldbuilding, and only tend to seem more interesting than the main plot because they're alluded to in the background and have a certain allure as a result.

People are always saying "well why don't they make a book/TV series/movie/video game out of this amazing part of the fiction?", but that mythos may not lend itself to a good plot, or at least one that could profit from a wide range of appeal without significant dramatizations and an enormous budget.

I kind of avoided English/literature courses but this particular aspect of fiction is always fascinating. Nothing like diving into an established series and eventually reading up on all the extravagant events at the outermost edges that are barely mentioned anywhere aside from lore experts yelling "YOU THINK THAT'S NUTS CHECK THIS SHIT OUT".

Posted by Humanity

Another person chiming in to say that I think the new Hobbit movies are really good. I suppose it depends on what you want out of them. I thought the original Lord of the Rings trilogy had terrible pacing issues and just wasn't very entertaining to watch.

The Hobbit on the other hand manages to stay entertaining. I'm not sure what Brad wants by saying there are no stakes - if you read the books then you already know who lives and who dies. I read the trilogy but not the Hobbit so it was really exciting to watch and apart from Bilbo and Gandalf I had no idea who would live and who wouldn't. I also didn't think any of the dialog was as cringe worthy as the banter between Legolas and Gimli during the original trilogy, and no one surfs on a shield either.

Also that part with the spiders.. man. I hate spiders and that was creepy as all hell.

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The Hobbit is supposed to be a children's book; it's humorous and exciting. I love The Hobbit as a really cogent, short novel. The Lord of the Rings on the other hand is long, dry, dull, and full of foreboding. The trouble with The Hobbit films is that they're have been filmed like The Lord of the Rings ones; mostly dry and epic. They've inserted lots of needless foreshadowing for LOTR, and strung a small novel out over three films, when it wasn't suited for it at all. I grew up listening to the BBC Radio adaptation of The Hobbit which is what originally introduced me to Tolkien, but apart from The Hobbit and the general world of Middle-Earth, I'm not that big a fan of most of Tolkien's writing.

Have no doubt, there will be a trilogy of films for The Silmarillion. God help us all.

Posted by bargainben

Brad explaining lore to Dan, then hearing how his brain filtered the information it just recieved is priceless.

Posted by OnlyKris

Next up on Giant Bomb, Dan Ryckert explains Dune.

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Can we make Brad teaching Dan things a regular feature?

Posted by TheRealDJ

I hope they have a book club premium podcast with Brad on Lord of the Rings.

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I feel the same way about the Hobbit movies. They do absolutely nothing for me, and I loved the original trilogy. Jackson has lost his touch.

PS: I've also never been stung by wasps/bees/hornets before, which is weird because there were plenty of them where I grew up.

Posted by fisk0

I can only agree with all the people saying they loved Brad talking LOTR mythology.

I'd love a podcast of Alexa and Brad talking about it. Dan should maybe be there too in some form, but I'd kinda be more interested in hearing an informed discussion of that mythology than them trying to explain that world to someone who approaches every subject in wrestling terms.

Posted by avyshue

Oh man, the second Brad started talking about the Red Book of Westmarch I was just WAITING for the Joseph Smith reference.

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@fisk0: Not as an insult to them but I don't think Alexa and Brad are Tolkien scholars. I doubt they have differing interpretation of Tolkien's work enough to carry an in-depth discussion. You need a Dan (Please not Dan, I can't deal with the incendiary speech. How about Jason? He seems pretty generally on the ball.) to encourage conversation with their outsider perspective. Who am I kidding, you turn this into a moderated discussion led by a professional who will ask the right questions to promote discussion in a civil and polite manner. Where's Danny O'Dwyer?

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The orcs aren't the only ones with short attention spans. This was a pretty rough one...

Posted by IrishFighter38

I hope there's more DLC of this game, only so Brad can talk more about the LOTR lore. As someone who knows very little about it, I found that stuff fascinating.

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Not enough colons and words in that title. Wait, yeah there is.

Posted by bricewgilbert

Dan is being intentionally obtuse about The Red Book thing to piss people off right?

Posted by SleepingLesson

I could listen to Brad talk about Middle Earth mythology for hours. Really interesting stuff!

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@jeverage said:

I love Dan, and I've never found him annoying.

...holy shit though, this got pretty close. Brad, you are a man of great composure.

Totally agree. Man this one was tough. Also wasn't because I have some fondness for the Lotr or anything like that. Just his answers and comments were just...juvenile? I guess is the best way to put it. But I guess that's Dan persona/act/personality. Still sometimes it can be jarring to say the least.

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I really don't understand all the hate towards Dan. People need to calm down, stop being so personally offended when Dan derides something you are fond of. Shit, he's just being a goof, life is not so serious all the time, lighten up people.

Posted by JDDrewes

This LOTR extended mythology sounds a lot like Game of Thrones. There's thousands of years of Valyria, the First Men, the Andals, the Children of the Forest, the Age of Heroes, etc. But that's more biblical kind of stories as opposed to the gritty and more interesting character drama where the current setting is. I didn't know about most of the stuff Brad talked about though so I appreciated the history lesson.

And to everyone saying that Dan just dismissed all of this mythology and acted like it's for losers; Brad does the exact same thing to wrestling. Stop getting so butthurt because it's a subject you care about!

Posted by Dill_o_rama

This was a GREAT quicklook

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I want a series of Brad watching LOTR with Dan, explaining Tolkein's fiction to him.

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It really doesn't matter, and I'm clearly a huge loser nerd for even caring enough to point this out, but Brad did not explain at all to Dan the point of Hobbits and how they work as central characters in LotR. Tolkien basically rejects Dan's juvenile sense of what makes a person "cool", having lived through a war with mechanized power that made mincemeat out of men no matter how "cool" they were.

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This should explain a lot. BTW Dan, the whole point of having Hobbits as protaganists is not that they're "lame," but that they are morally pure and hard to corrupt! Having little power lets you wield it more responsibly.

Posted by ManotheBard

For some reason I always find the Brad/Dan Quick Looks relaxing. I guess because there both so chill. There is also an extra relaxing quality to Brad describing LOTR back story.

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Loved the tolkien talk!

Posted by ShadowSwordmaster

This seems really cool.

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I've been stung by a jellyfish, but never a bee.

The Hobbit movies are combinations of The Hobbit, the Silmarillion, and CGI Bullshit. They were much easier to watch a second time on dvd.

The LotR books become easier as they go along, and the Silmarillion is interesting but hard to read. It's a history book / Arda bible thing. And Ungoliant, the first giant spider thing, got so hungry she ate herself to death. So.

Posted by CitizenCoffeeCake

After getting the platinum I cannot muster any excitement or desire to go back to this game, bummer.

Posted by Onemanarmyy

I love the LOTR indepth discussion by Brad. I watched the LOTR movies when they came out but i have 0 knowledge about the Silmerillion and the demigods.

Can't believe people still get offended by Dan though. When he doesn't like a thing, he will make fun of it. That's what he's been doing the entire time at Giantbomb. I think it's great content, made me laugh.

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In Dan's defense here, Brad did a poor job of explaining the Red Book of Westmarch and literary conceits in general.

Edit: And after Dan is done laughing at the Red Book stuff, he at least maintains the conversation and asks questions about the Morgoth-Sauron stuff. Not nearly as bad as people are making it out to be. Calm yoselves.

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When I heard the Hobbit was going to be made in to a trilogy of movies, I was very confused. The Hobbit had already been adapted in to an animated movie, a single one, that was actually pretty good. I haven't seen the new movies. No desire. Hearing they're padded is exactly what I was worried about.

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@bricewgilbert said:

Dan is being intentionally obtuse about The Red Book thing to piss people off right?

Honestly, I had no idea what the fuck Brad was trying to say either and I was actually trying to listen.

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Most historically informative Quick Look since Sniper Elite.

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So it's a reskinned Batman game with mechanics borrowed from better games, a paper-thin story that even these guys don't care about, and characters that just come and go with no purpose?

Sounds like a Giant Bomb GOTY to me.

Posted by PiltdownMan

@tiny_tank: @cfilipec: I concur that Silmarillion is probably my favorite of Tolkiens works but that first part about all the singing etc was rough to get through I read the Hobbit late in grade school and the LotR in Middle school didn't end up reading Silmarillion until freshman year of college because of the beginning of the book. Had I skipped that part and gotten to the "cool guy action hero stuff" I would have probably read it in middle or high school. I do end up liking Blind Guardian mostly because of "Nightfall in Middle Earth," and they have a pretty good cover of "Surfin Safari".

@brad: If the Giant Book Club doesn't want to do the Sillymarillion you should start a competing podcast/stream perhaps discussing Tolkien lore whilst playing an appropriately themed MOBA. The reverence with which you seem to hold the Tolkien lore made me think you had actually read the Silmarillion and or the various books of Unfinished Tales. I'm surprised to hear that you've gathered tales of Melkor/Morgoth through either wiki entries or other sources. The Silmarillion gets really cool once you get past the whole creation/stealing of the Silmarils part. Fingolfin's story is really cool so is Beren's those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head. Also you could have blown Dan's mind by telling him that Gandalf was also a god/angel/being of power at the same level as Sauron. I could go on and on about all the stuff I love about Tolkein's world. That it is a rather high magic and low magic world at the same time, that no one is able to cast spells really and how much it irks me that so much of this is turned on its head in modern interpretations (Why don't Glamdring and Orcrist glow in the Hobbit movies, and Sting only selectively? Any Elven blade should glow in the presence of a servant of Morgoth/Sauron). The best Tolkien movies are the Rankins/Bass ones, I watched the recently. The Hobbit holds up as a good interpretation, the Bilbo-Smaug scene is infinitely better and more accurate than the Jackson interpretation it does pretty much gloss over the battle at the end of the book. The Return of the King while I still enjoy because I saw it in elementary school and it was what made me want to read The Hobbit does not hold up as well mostly because the music is not nearly as good. Also Dan is an employee of the company you work for, there is going to be a dry spell, you've been around longer than him. Theoretically you can assign him a book report as a work assignment :)

Posted by Ponyexpress

I'd be down with a Tolkien podcast featuring Brad. Sounds like a great time. Also, it always blows my mind that Dan has actually been to college.

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Should do a 3 part book podcast on LOTR, The Hobbit, and the Silmarillion(One podcast for each).

Or maybe just one for The Hobbit and LOTR, but I really want to hear them discuss the Silmarillion.

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Please tell me there are no more misplaced allusions to Tolkien being racist and orcs being "black people" as I remember hearing mentioned on a Bombcast or something. I won't be able to watch this til I get home, but that little exchange really boiled my blood, so to speak, at the time.

Posted by Astrophyle

I don't know, when I caught some of the behind the scenes from The Hobbit movie, It was apparent there was a huge amount of real sets, props and costumes that the actors were interacting with. There are stunt doubles and "size" doubles and so on, and a lot of thoughtful movie trickery that didn't involve CG at all. The more monstrous characters are CG, but it's better than a Jim Henson puppet in my opinion. Another 70's Jabba-type wouldn't work these days.

Posted by SethPhotopoulos

@brad You probably could've explained it as a frame narrative akin to Don Quixote.

Posted by IHazMagics

Man, watching this made me think that, for the insider Dan is probably a cool guy to know. But as an outsider? a purposeful moron, totally okay with his disinformation.

No offence, but also. idc.

Posted by Salvationtwist