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Dirrrty Dan Ryckert and the Big Dog Wolf are in the building!

Edit: And Vincent "The Body" Caravella as well!

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The peak of the WWE games.

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I think there is a typo in the deck. It says "... and while a young upstart and his nightmare manager..." but I think you meant "... all while a young upstart and his nightmare manager..." just by context of what the sentence is saying. =P

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Man, Cool Baby fell on some really bad times. It's sad to see...

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That call quality.

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Dan + Alex = Daleks!

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I repeatedly wonder if it really is a licensing thing, or McMahon being so anaesthetised to what the fans want that prevents No Mercy being remastered for current consoles.

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It's weird that this coast-to-coast Quick Look seems to have poor audio quality from the caller, yet the Twilight Struggle one and others sounded fine.

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Those spectators, and their animations, look AWFUL. Like, Holy Shit. I don't understand how they thought that looked alright during development.

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Perfect combo for this!

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The Halloween Havoc set doesn't have the giant pumpkin, so this is pretty much the most disappointing thing ever.

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@xxdrainxx: Why would you want people to miss Dan's Alex Navarro voice?!

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I need more duplex in my life

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Man, this ps3 games looks ok

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Boy Dan's clipping more that Ezio's cape in Assassin's Creed 2

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As a kid of the 80s, all I ever want from a wrestling game is a return to the arcade classics I remember playing. Like.. Wrestlemania . Just make a wwe fighting game and I'll be interested.

I kinda want to get the WWE 2k games, but ugh, it just doesnt seem fun enough to keep a casual fan like myself interested.

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This game looks... really bad.

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What has to change in the industry for us to get competent pro wrestling games again? Another wrestling boom period? A group of talented, inspired indie devs kickstarting something? Or is it just as simple as people not buying lazy trash because it has a popular name on the box? ...man, we're fucked, aren't we?

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Some of those faces look really, really good and others are very much the opposite.

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Boo to Dan for telling Alex to give Tyson Kidd a Muscle Buster.

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Dont you guys usually record local audio for these? Dan sounds like shit

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Jumpin' Jeff Farmer cuts a better promo than Dan. Yup.

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Glad to see they included '91 Undertaker, dumb purple gloves and all.

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That's a stunning likeness of Brock Lesnar. Why did they name it "Big Baby" though?