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Posted by Jb

God I missed Vinny :(

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6 mins in and I am unusually frustrated with brad's play style. This never happens to me either, I usually don't care. Maybe it's because I have been playing this game a lot?

Anyway, This game is great fun and a huge step up from Dead Island!

EDIT : A half hour in and I am so frustrated with Brad not attempting any mission or move forward in any meaningful way. The entirety of the night time was spent looking at walls or dying. I am actually dissapointed with myself, because this is the first time anything like this has gotten to me. Brad, I love you man, and I NEVER go along with the shit people give you when you play games (It's hard to play games and talk at the same time). I understand you and Vinny are just having some fun, (It was really fun, I still enjoyed the video!) but a little more focus would have made a lot of this video (mostly the first half hour) less frustrating to watch.

I actually feel like an asshole now but I had to say it.

Posted by Kasaioni

Vinny: Let's go to the objective!
Brad: No! Wait. Hold on hold on hold on hold on wait wait hold on lemmie uh oh shit uh...

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Posted by RomanReigndeers

The Beast Coast all the way suckas! Fa shizzle my nizzle

Posted by UnInvincible

I can't wait to hear from them when they realize the grapple hook from Just Cause 2 is in this game. I got it last night, and HOLY SHIT does it make getting around even more fun.

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This is great.

Posted by vr00m

Look into my eye.

Posted by Rattlebox

Urgh, watching Brad fight was painful. Not paying attention to his surroundings before attacking, not backing off or kicking to keep distance with the zombies.

Posted by Psykodoughboy

@rattlebox: Dude, its really hard playing a game while talking about it.

Posted by LKPOWER

Brad does not know when to run in this game. He does not realize that as he is killing zombies other hordes are surrounding him!

Posted by Rattlebox

@psykodoughboy: True. Also, he is playing with Vinny, the destroyer of open world games.

Posted by yellownumber5

YAY! Vinny in a Quicklook! And Brad too I guess, but Brad gets to be in a lot of quicklooks. Love you Brad.

Posted by ZeMadHatter

Brad lacks any sense of spatial awareness it is hilarious !

Posted by UnInvincible

Holy shit them beating the shit out of Bento is the best Giant Bomb moment ever.

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I loved when Brad went down trying to grab that last bit of loot from the supply crate, probably would've done the same thing.

Posted by krossmojination

Hopefully this is a sign they will do more co-op quicklooks. Co-op is my jam!

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Posted by DasaKamov

@psykodoughboy: True. Also, he is playing with Vinny, the destroyer of open world games.

Indeed. I was watching Vinny's "A Far Cry From Home" videos and more than once I found myself thinking "Hey Zeus Kristos, Vinny, you just got the game to work properly! Stop trying to break it again!"

THAT said, I subscribe to Giant Bomb because they guy play games to have fun, not to try to please their fickle viewers. Keep on doin'. :D

Posted by Frozpot

Haven't watched the whole vid yet, but did they ever learn that you can side and back dodge by jumping with a direction?

It makes the combat much more fun. I also didn't see them targeting body parts. You can definitely take out legs and the like. Makes messin' with the zombies a blast!

Great game :)

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Yo where the trucks at

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@psykodoughboy said:

@rattlebox: Dude, its really hard playing a game while talking about it.

In the QL that Brad and Rorie did, Brad did a good job relaying that the game emphasizes the parkour over combat. He then gradually forgot about that and kept bumbling into being overwhelmed. Towards the end it was amusing and frustrating to watch. I feel like one of those people who talks to the TV during a horror movie: "Brad remember you said running away was a good tactic! Why aren't you running?! DAMNIT YOU'RE DEAD AGAIN!"

I come to this QL and it is still happening. I've not played this game (yet) but I'm amused at how Brad provides such sage wisdom he himself does not follow.

Talking about a game and playing it is hard. Its just painful to watch him repeatedly get overwhelmed and then making general noises about how bad things are going. I just can't see how his brain is that occupied by the words coming out of his mouth. I feel like if he gets into combat he should focus on combat and do it as well as possible. Even if he does it without saying a word, the action will probably be plenty to focus on for us viewers. I'd rather see him do that well in silence than get yet another noisy death. We only need to get a demonstration on what dying looks like so many times.

I definitely can relate to the other comments about the play style not improving the quality on this one. Having a Brad+Vinnie QL is awesome and it gets easier to watch around 10 minutes or so. It is just so much better when they wait to talk about the game mechanics and story when it is safe to do so.

edit: How many times is Brad going to loot way more than he should when zombies are bearing down on him? Even when Vinnie tells him not to... "I've gotta get my stuff" <dies>.

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That Bento part was god damn hilarious.

Posted by Morka

The game looks like real fun - if you like dying.

Is the game as hard at Brad makes it look? It seems that he dies, or runs into severe trouble, in each enemy encounter.

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@morka: I've heard a lot of people say that it's fucking brutal at night, yeah. You pretty much have to avoid the nights, or stealth your way through it. At least in the early goings in the game you're completely fucked if you get swarmed.

Posted by Mathey

"Those aren't zombies, Brad"

I missed Vinny-abetted-looks.

Posted by UnInvincible

@amyggen: @morka: Night isn't all that tough once you realize that you can just chuck the UV flares all over and run away real fast if you get chased by the really tough dudes. Brad also doesn't do a great job of using the maneuverability to crowd control the zombies well. That said, I have died quite a fair number of times and some encounters can quickly become too much to handle. I'd say overall the difficulty is in a very good place, the perfect balance between being able to do what I want and being slightly frustrating some times that makes games like these extremely satisfying.

Edited by Rattlebox

Knowing when to run is key. I love getting into combat in this game, but when a bunch of zombies start stumbling in from a couple of sides while I'm beating on some others, it's time to get to back off and get a better position.

Posted by Walker_Boh

Vinny is the GOAT

Posted by AMyggen

@uninvincible: Makes sense. I would probably suck at the game, like Brad I tend to panic when spotted in a game like this. But I'll still buy it! I hear that it's delayed for a while in Europe though.

Posted by ConVox

This is a cool thing, and I'll be glad to see more interoffice content.

My one request would be to look into using a voice chat with better clarity. I presume this is the PS4 party chat, and that'd fine for playing the game myself, but when you have access to studio mics and computers I imagine there are ways to bring the quality up.

Posted by Cufo

Well that was extremely hard to watch.

Posted by MonkfishEsq

Godamnit Vinny is just the greatest person who ever lived.

Posted by Glottery

Getting frustrated with Brad here as well (not something I usually pay attention to), but once again Vinny saves the day.

Posted by HiCZoK

is that pc or ps4 ?

Posted by AMyggen

@convox: What program do you use to get very good quality when speaking to each other from different locations? Skype's quality always seems to be bad regardless of the mic you use.

Posted by Kasaioni

"I think I've lost the plot on this side quest."

Who pays attention the plots on side quests? Just go to the objective, do the thing, and go back. The end.

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Vinny in more things! yes!

Vinny-o games.

Posted by ripelivejam

ok so vinny is the can-do-no-wrong saint and brad is the antichrist, do i have that correct?

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