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Now do it with invisible pieces.

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I'm still waiting for Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine and Meteos to have a cross over. That'll be the one for me.

Also, that's a really good intro.

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You got Marc Anthony in my Quicklook.

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I love the beginning of this so much, thanks Jeff you just sold me a copy of The Substitute!

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Starting 2015 strong with two Tetris game quick looks within a week of each-other.

Going to call this year Tetris15.

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Goddamn those Xbox One player icons are awesome.

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Puyo Puyo is Tom Berenger approved.

Tetris is NOT.

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Back when I was in school, if we did something wrong they'd have us write sentences over and over on paper, not on the blackboard.
Stuff like "I will not talk during class."

Also, I'm glad to see actual footage of this game. I've been thinking about importing it since it was released but didn't want to shell out the dough if it wasn't going to be worth it. Good on ya, GB!

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more substitute quick look please

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Being made to write something over and over was a common punishment at my primary school. It was called lines and we had to just do it on a lined piece of paper, never the blackboard. The amount of lines depended on the caliber of the offense.

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But are you a Puyo Puyo Tetris Grandmaster?

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@paulmako said:

Starting 2015 strong with two Tetris game quick looks within a week of each-other.

Going to call this year Tetris15.

TETR15. The plot thickens!

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The Substitute full commentary track PLEASE.

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Roll call!

Puyo, first name Puyo.

GB starting 2015 in full form. The Substitute and a Japanese game in 1 video. I would love to see this in the West. A big thank you to the mailbag duder who sent them this game.

Save us @unastrike @drewbert!

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That Plex quick look. I miss having fast internet so that I could stream my own library. :(

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@gaff: you got Quicklook in my Marc Anthony.


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Best QL opening ever. If only you could QL movies...

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That's quite an Action/Mystery beginning to this.

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We really need GB movie night or something........

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I really need to import this! Two of the best puzzle games in one.

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Hmm...looks like the video cuts off at the end quite suddenly...

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SUBSTITUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Power perceived is power achieved!

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Hmm...looks like the video cuts off at the end quite suddenly...

Yep, it's broken!

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well damn, i was getting all in to this video before it cutoff.

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So Dan in High School I was in marching band and we were waiting to go out on the field during the thanksgiving football game. There was a pay phone near the exit of the school and me and a friend of mine wanted to see if we could dial 911 on a payphone. Needles to say it works and my friend hung up the phone. Then during the halftime show a bunch of emergency vehicles came and pulled up on the field. They ended up having t cancel my high school thanksgiving football game. (Which was good for me cause marching band sucked and you had to be in it to be in jazz band.)

As Punishment over my thanksgiving break I had to write 1,000 times I would not dial 911 unless it was an emergency. Had to be hand written so I couldn't just type it up. So while it was not a chalk board this was about 12 years ago it still does happen.

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This needs to be released Stateside on PC. It looks fucking awesome. I hope it becomes a regular in the GB local multiplayer game cycle.

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That video clip was cut in half.

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That intro is amazing! Ha ha!

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This looks like the kind of game I would be all over if it was coming out on the Vita or 3DS.

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I mean it's Sega so any Puyo game after fever had like 1% of arriving across the pond but now that Ubi has it's hands on Tetris, this is literally 0% eh?

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If this wasn't exclusively on-disc for 60 dollars in Japan I'd be all over this. One can dream.

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@urictheoddball: It is out on Vita and 3DS. And PS3 and PS4 and XBO and Wii U.

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The video just suddenly ends? Is anyone else having that problem?

edit: I see that people are. Huh. Game looks fun though!

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I really want this game!

Looks like I can pick it up on PS4 from PlayAsia for a decent price.

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Amazing QL! Wish they could all be this good. Too bad the ending cuts off, or I'd like to believe Jeff & Dan are still playing the game and there was no choice but to rip the video feed out.

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Oh man I want to see more of this game.

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That was an odd place for it to end...


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Man, I'd totally be into this game! Also, for some reason, I feel like I could watch hours upon hours of the GB crew playing puzzle games. Looking forward to seeing the end of this video later.

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Damn this game/video mesmerized me. I could watch them play this for hours.

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This game looks fuckin' rad.

Also, the video is broken.

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Yup, got cut off. Bring on another 45 minutes of PuyoPuyo...

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I've played through so many hours of the Vita version, seeing Jeff and Dan having fun with this warms my heart. Swap (the one with alternating boards) survival mode is probably my favorite way to kill half an hour.

Also yeah the video cuts off suddenly at the end.

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Such a weird quick look. The opening and then Jeff LOSING EVERY SINGLE MATCH. What the fuck, man. And it cuts of for me at the end.

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I thought 'This new Tetris is odd', what an idiot I am!

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I think I'm going to import this from play asia....looks so good.