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Yes! Danny!

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I could have bet money that Danny was gonna be here, yay :)

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I don't know a goddamn thing about Rugby, but I'm sure the GB crew can enlighten me, just like they did with Cricket!

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Giant Bomb is the only source for anything sports-related.

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Six nations this weekend : England VS Ireland. Can't wait.


And heres some footage of the best rugby player of all time and King of Ireland, Brian O'Driscoll.

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Slam Dunk!

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All Blacks middle fingers to everyone else haters come at me.

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Poor Danny...

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I was already excited to see this, then I caught a whiff of the reviews http://www.metacritic.com/game/playstation-4/rugby-15 ohhhh geee

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Are ospreys owls

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Does Staines have their own Rugby team?

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They don't have trash bins on the street in the UK? You just hold onto all your trash??

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None of those people play for the All Blacks

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I just popped some UK rubbish in the bin on the pavement two ticks ago

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I'm imagining Danny sitting there with his head in his hands for the entire length of the video.

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Do americans know what the new zealand haka is if not take alook at this http://youtu.be/2hYlNO61ImA

Also rugby is like american football but you know for real men....>__>

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Wait... was Jeff trying to saying Sinn Fein? hahaha

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Dan should love rugby! It has a great recent tradition of worries of the effect of concussions and players becoming to big and burly to make the sport safe at any skill level!

This does not look like a good representation of the sport though :P

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I was watching Rugby on NBC (sorry, Brad) last weekend. It was quite entertaining. And way to go and let down your country, Dan!

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Danny and Brad Muir quick looks on the same day?! We can't handle this!

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I rented this game is it is worse than the terrible rugby game I used to play with my brother on the ps2.

How they have the cheek to charge full price for it is astounding.

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16 minutes in out of a 35 minute Quick Look, they haven't even started playing the game but I've already laughed my butt off a dozen times or so.

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This reminds me a lot of Ashes Cricket in terms of graphics/ general presentation.

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I kind of want to look up Dan's Rugby reviews for his local paper from back in the day.

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Bahahah that ending!! Dan was inches away

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Danny is such a cool dude. He constantly busy at Gamespot but always makes time of Giant Bomb.

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Eh did Jeff mean Sinn Fein?

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This is so awesome, I've played rugby (union) for the last 12 years (grew up overseas) and never thought GB would do a quick look at this.

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what a season what a season

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It's like you shove it under a rug and pass by. Hence the word RUG-BY!

I just want to say that I have my own FIFA pro clubs team called Useless Vikings on PS4 and it's open. Just join in. We recently got three strikers in and they just lay waste to whatever comes in their path.

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Waterford mention on Giant Bomb! On the ball boi!

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People who think football (soccer) isn't a contact sport are hilarious.

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Oh god, stop with they Rocky.

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The fundamental difference between a try and a touchdown is that to score a try you have to touch the ball down, but to score a touchdown you don't have to touch the ball down.

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Football - a sport where you use your feet to control the ball.


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When I think of Rugby I always think of one dude pulling up another dudes shorts to reveal his Spanx.

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Oh man Dans fuckup was beautiful.

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Do or do not, there is no try.

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jeff's pronunciation of sinn féin omfg

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I was already excited to see this, then I caught a whiff of the reviews http://www.metacritic.com/game/playstation-4/rugby-15 ohhhh geee

Has anyone ever made a rugby game that was good?