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Sites back up! Nooo, I loved the live content :-(
We need a Giantbomb Reality TV Channel!

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We're back up!

Now to watch it as it was meant to be watched.
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Fuck yeah! And we're back!

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DAVE, SITE'S UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by tunel

it's alive!

Posted by Metal_Mills

yeah it's up

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Welcome back one and all

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Hi Giant Bomb!

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This Quick Look is officially a part of history.

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Damn it.

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The Whiskypocalypse is over! This quick look will be immortalized.

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Dave the site's down.

edit: oh, wait
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Back up, baby!!!

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Now I can watch this with sound!

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Awww, no more radio show? sad day. 

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And the bomb is back baby!

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now for psn

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This Quick Look got us through some dark times.

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This QL is the true hero of the Whiskeypocalypse. 

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Funny how "Emily Long'" is now an auto completed search in google now. I blame Giant Bomb.

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Ryan laughs like a Disney villain.

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Using the Speedtree middle-ware to make Wii characters? Speedmii.

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Welcome back Giant Bomb!!

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And we're back, people.

Well done Andy!
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Nice way to come back to the site :D

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look at them, so unaware of the apocalypse.

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Oh fuck Giantbomb what would I have done without you aaaaaaaahhhhh

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Yay!!! Giant Bomb is back!

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brad muir is so awesome

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does this confirm that Double Fine is working on Lincoln Force?

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Terrible game, great Quick Look

Posted by MooseyMcMan

I hope the great Quick Looks of these terrible game show games never end!

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No Brad Garrett? Preorder canceled.

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This is fantastic! 

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Who sang along on 1:45? I know i did!

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as an eagle scout I can almost guarantee I've never heard of a "kindness" badge, or "bonfire" for that matter. just another strike against this crappy game

Posted by Dalai

Giant Bomb starting the show with a show stopper? Preposterous!

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good to hear the commentary this time around

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no final round i knew this game was bad but come on

also there is no bonfire badge to my knowledge

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Wow. Talk about a piece of shit game. 

Wow. Talk about a piece of shit console.

Wow. I can't believe I waited on launch day in rainy weather to buy this shit console. 

Oh well, we all make mistakes.

Only a few games make me proud to own the Wii.

Everything else makes me puke.
Posted by LegendaryChopChop

Game show Quick Looks are the best.

Posted by patrick5152003

quick looks is so good., 

Posted by paulunga

These games are still the worst. Good to know and I'm really, really disappointed in you, Ubisoft.

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Did he say 30$ for this PoS??? or did I hear wrong?
What a massive rip-off, practically thievery.
Great quick look, you might have saved for some naive fan of the show 30$.

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Finally I can see this excellent QL of a great game. More Double Fine Cliffy B is always welcome as is Patrick.