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Posted by DriveupLife

Wrestling games, lots and lots of fun, no really not being sarcastic at all.

Posted by Duh_ave

I perhaps am prepared for some wrestling-type antics.

Edited by Venatio

Damn, I did not expect the QL to be so lengthy, cool

Posted by Blair

It's important to stay hydrated.
I love me some long Quick Looks.

Posted by WinterSnowblind

I haven't been a fan of the WWE since I was very young, but I still enjoy playing the games.  Me and some friends usually use the creation modes to just make a bunch of our own guys and fight it out, it's great.  
Disappointed that they removed GM mode though.  Although the new story designer looks like it could be used to create some fun stuff, it's not exactly a multiplayer mode, and it doesn't have any of the same options GM mode did, plus it places heavy restrictions on the use of caws.  So I think I'll pass on this years.

Edited by AllanIceman

This should be good, Brother! 
Edit: That Jack Swagger bit was awesome!

Posted by Thoseposers

I'm more into lucha libre myself, we need some masked wrestling games!

Posted by ajamafalous

Can't wait to watch this.

Posted by skrutop
Edited by Death_Burnout

I really have no idea what Jeff thinks of this years smackdown...so this will be interesting.
i am pleasantly surprised Jeff doesn't seem to be hating this game, i think Ryan coulda buffed up a little on his wrestling...and not be a jackass.
As a bit of Smackdown expert, there doesn't really seem to be anything thats new to the gameplay, i can expect to play an extreme rules match and have it be exactly the same...in all the bad ways, still a lot of recycling...and i dont like that circle meter much. Plus they've had WCW belts before

Posted by Scooper

Wrestling... in the year... 2010...
Say that to yourself.

Posted by Al_lee

did they add this move?

Posted by afrokola

JR getting hit by a car never gets old.

Posted by MattBodega

Man, the AI is just lifeless. Bring the heat, computer dude!

Posted by Hashbrowns

They might want to disable onscreen notifications on whatever X360 they do Quick Looks on.
Posted by Daftasabat

LOL@ "real sport" 

Posted by Gizmo

Those animations SUCK.

Posted by RoyaleWifCheese

I like that the character models don't look all covered in baby oil like they have in previous games.

Posted by Kohe321

Good QL

Posted by CollegeFootballGuy

what the hell is quickies? I see it in ever sports game this year
Posted by dvdwalker8

Posted by Delta_Ass

Is it just me, or does John Cena have some comically short legs in this game?

Posted by lolgreg

I left my virtual wrestling where it belongs.  With WWF No Mercy.

Posted by Peanut

That was a great Quick Look. I wish Jeff and Ryan ran the WWE.

Posted by Thoseposers

XD all the car bits totally made this a great quicklook

Posted by VibratingDonkey

Sorry for hating, but man these games are so stale. 

Posted by W0lfbl1tzers

Oh Jim Ross

Edited by mindphlux

Good to see the animation actually fits the Wrestling "sport" - it looks dated. As does the interface - don't the devs ever check out how other sports games look in 2009? Not even the in-game advertising (the burger ad) is presented in style...

Posted by PhilSebben

I like how Jeff knew about the RAW sign in Stanford.. anyone else from CT?

Posted by SecondCell

Half nekid dude's giving each other hugs, nice.

Posted by Sanj

Ahhh, was kind hopin to see a 4-way match with the GB crew.
Posted by Drebin_893

This was a-mazing.

Posted by nanikore

This is one ugly game.

Posted by Soap

Watching JR get hit by that car was the funniest thing I've seen all week, good work chaps

Posted by PlasmaMachine

For a second I thought Quickie's was a real fast food place that would never be available near me like Sonic or Jack-In-The-Box or In & Out.

Posted by Artemis_D

Everything instantly becomes ten million times better when you involve Jim Ross.  I'm kind of sad that there's no scene where Steve Austin stuns someone.

Posted by Chris

 I wish they'd release that story creation mode as a free download... I'd love to invent stories with created characters but I have little interest in the actual game or in sitting through slow AI fights.
Like Jeff I wish they'd make it more like real wrestling where each fight is a quick, entertaining build up to a spectacular move or other story event rather than some kind of sport with pretend rules. I just want to see drama.
They should release some kind of wrestling movie maker.

Edited by Death_Burnout

All of the JR stuff was fucking hilarious! Oh My God...wait!
Oh My God! Oh My God! Boomer Sooner!
A little thing about the commentary though, they only started adding in lines about the moves you do in last years game, before that, it was just 2 dudes talking about the wrestlers and well...wrestling.
The problem with that DDT animation that you said looked good...is that it's been around for years and years! and im tired of seeing it!

Posted by Undeadpool

There hasn't been a real good wrestling game since No Mercy. Here Comes the Pain was pretty awesome, but the rest are just too rigid with everything, especially the story mode. There's never a reason to go back and play again.

Posted by Aeterna

I fail to see how you americans find this stuff interesting/fun at all.

Posted by Chaossebba

Oh ho, i spot a spelling mistake at 27:30+! "Intrduer!"

Posted by ChrisInCali

This game looks horrible.  The last one I bought was like in 2006, and this looks exactly the same.  They really need to rip it down and rebuild the entire engine.

Edited by Linkyshinks

 I found it enjoyable when I was a kid, then you had real greats like The Ultimate Warrior, not none of these bull shit fighters. These new fighters look dull and uninteresting, there's just no pizazz and wild characters any more.  

Edited by Trace

Such a shame to see this hasn't evolved that much beyond the older games, where gameplay flies against almost all the "proper" ring psychology. At least the graphics and presentation look nice, though the ropes bother me.
Also, Jeff should watch some Smackdown! sometime. John Morrison is one of the few wrestlers out there that keeps pro wrestling entertaining amidst all its sports entertainment silliness.
EDIT: Also, Jim Ross getting hit by a car endlessly in the story editor is incredible.

Posted by Torben

Rofl! Oh man that last tailored match ... one word EPIC!

Posted by BoFooQ

brother!  look out for that car!  Brother!
Posted by myslead

the loadings seems to have really lowered

Posted by MyNiceIceLife

seeing JR get hit by a car has sold me on this game!

Edited by Darkstar614

If they ever make that storyline with people getting run over by cars, I hope they upload video clips of it at some point. That would be great.
Also to anyone who didn't watch the entire Quick Look, at least go back and watch them messing with the Story editor. It's definitely Quick Look gold.

Posted by WinterSnowblind
@ChrisInCali said:
" This game looks horrible.  The last one I bought was like in 2006, and this looks exactly the same.  They really need to rip it down and rebuild the entire engine. "
Allegedly, they've been working on a new engine for a few years now that 2011 will utilize.
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