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Posted by D8K

It's a nooner.

Posted by Ventilator

I came to the site, looking for new videos. I found none, and then decided to look up this weeks I love mondays to refresh my memory about what there is to look forward to anyway. Then this video appeared. Split second timing.

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Whoa, where am I? How did I get here??!!

King of Fighters XII looks pretty good, but I don't think I'll get it.

Actually, I'm totally getting it.

Posted by Rhaknar

oh was this JUST updated? i want this game bad, but i believe it doesnt have a european release date, much like blazblue? >_>

Posted by mubress
@sidescroller said:
" I am way more excited for this than blazblue.Can anyone explain to me the excitement over blazblue?  It just looks mediocre to me... "
I agree.
Posted by kitsune_conundrum


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"These people are also PANDA these people are also going nuts"

I wonder if i would like this....I liked SF4 a lot....hmmmmm

Posted by ZeroCast

More fighting games?

Bring it on!

Posted by Jimbo_N

Holy crap. Those ladies on the right in the French stage. Holy effin crap.
What the HELL is going on there?! I´m so mindblown right now..

Posted by Rinkalicous

I gotta say I love the graphics, but fighters don't really do it for me

Posted by JazzyRey

I was never one for the king of fighters series but the visuals are lookin pretty slick.

Posted by Dauragon

oh god, fighting game overload

Posted by Zeik

Here's hoping they do a Blazblue QL next.

@sidescroller said:

" I am way more excited for this than blazblue.Can anyone explain to me the excitement over blazblue?  It just looks mediocre to me... "
Blazblue is the spiritual successor to Guilty Gear. Guilty Gear > All other fighters. Thus excitement.
Posted by Trace

Criminy, that blue lady in the French stage is FLIPPING OUT. I'd snap my neck trying to cheer like that.

Posted by Tru3_Blu3

The video stops buffering at :54.

Posted by 9mmfistcuffs

Damn they made Clark absolutely huge! can't wait for some good old KOF goodness.

Posted by stephengotlost

"I like 'em rough."

End Video

Posted by Nasar7

The AI looks really good, KoF games have always been a bit on the hard side. Can't wait.

Posted by Chewii101

Best backgrounds in a fighting game ever. Love how when someone KOs it goes to x100000 the speed.

Posted by Gahzoo

All those "Take that!"s reminded me of something.......
"What's that?"

and those backgrounds are INSANE.

Posted by Dan_CiTi

I've already pre-ordered Blazblue online w/ the premium pack, but goddamn this game looks SO SEXY!!

If they made a super refined & polished Last Blade 3 on this engine, I'd die. This game also has me thinking of SFIII: 3rd Strike and Garou as well.

Posted by Dany


Posted by Meltbrain

Hahaha, christ those backgrounds are fantastic. You know those gif images you sometimes see where it seems like they're moving way too fast and the frames all got messed up? This totally reminds me of that, just the same animation a million damn times a second. Brilliant.

Posted by MmmSkyscraper


Posted by Titl


Posted by MeatSim

Even pigs and pandas are excited about illegal street fighting.

Posted by spiceninja

Cripes this game looks smexy.

Posted by ShinyD3mon

Whoa, King of Fighters 12? Anybody else never heard of King of Fighters 1-11?

Posted by Sarumarine

Panda Watch '09, catch it going hog wild and win a busta wolf. Word.

Posted by coffeesash

Wow, out of place english dub on the fighters, hope you can change it over to SNK-lish. Powa-daaa! Cmon cmon

Edited by Nemoperson

Looks good. Game play looks very fast with the new counter stuff in there.
Disappointing that arcade mode is a 5 stage time trial with no endings.

Oh and just to dork out with the actual order of the games. Its 2k2, Maximum Impact (the 3d one), 2k3 (first appearance of Ash), Neo Wave (which was a dream match thing that was on Atomiswave), Maximum Impact 2 AKA KOF 2k4 in the US, then KOF XI, and now KOF XII.

Posted by Wildfire570

This game looks crazy and weird for a fighting game...but still looks awesome!

I thinking about purchasing this game now.

Posted by MetalGearSunny

The girl in the blue....holy shit...

Posted by CleverLoginName

Those people are going nuts!

Posted by Vorbis

Blue woman rocking out was awesome.

Posted by WreckinRodRumbler

I should have bought this instead of Street Fighter IV.

Posted by AllanIceman


Posted by Stang

Seems like I am alone on this one.....I am not impressed at all.

Posted by TripMasterMunky

Hopefully the online will be better than SFIV. I remember Jeff's review didn't mention SF's poor online play at all. Love Jeff and all, but that was sort of a poor review because of that. That maybe would've reflected my buying decision. This game looks nice though, graphically.

Posted by FlipperDesert

That news report was so awesome.

Posted by SuperJoe


Posted by AURON570

those backgrounds are a little too OCD for me >.>

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no Rock, no buy

Posted by phlegms

Far too much anime for me, I don't trust this game anymore!

Posted by darkspirit138
@ShinyD3mon: I think some of them were known as Fatal Fury. Either that or they could be Japanese exclusives. I havent heard of any of them either, so...
Posted by zoozilla

I might buy this just for the backgrounds.

Posted by Dante_the_Jedi

I am sooo getting this, I love KoF and this looks like it has all the crazy I want.

Posted by Nemoperson
@darkspirit138: No they all came to the US. KOF'94-KOF'2k3 were on Neo-Geo.
Posted by Terjay

I'm not a huge fight-em-up fan, but that sprite art direction is looking really nifty and I'm loving the background MADNESS.

Posted by AkasoFailsOnGiantBomb

The hell? They actually dubbed a 2D fighting game?!

I'm not mad, I'm amazed!

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