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Posted by Ventilator

This the last thing scheduled this week that we know about?
*hits refresh again*

Posted by Ventilator

I searched for this page, typing in Ion Ass

Posted by samm93

Oh man lovin the recent flood of quick looks :D
Posted by Th3_James

ya, QL FTW

Posted by Delta_Ass

What's up with the Joker ad before the Quick Look?

Posted by Meltbrain
@samm93 said:
" Oh man lovin the recent flood of quick looks :D "
You said it, buddy.
Posted by ajamafalous


Posted by heatDrive88

Wow, talk about an insurgence of bad Arcade games... or maybe I'm just far too spoiled after Shadow Complex and BF1943 this year. Yeah.
Posted by xDot

I demand more Quick Looks by Vinny and Jeff where being able to see colour matters, the last few minutes were hilarious.

Posted by lasafrog

QL = Win 
Ion Assault however = Fail
Posted by Tearhead

WTF! Pre-vid ads?! Why GB, WHY?!?!

Posted by Mooshu

This game seems kinda... boring.
I'd rather play asteroids.

Posted by CactusWolf
@Tearhead: It's only 2 a day at most. 20 seconds isn't going to kill you.
Posted by Delta_Ass
@wordsgohere said:
" @Tearhead: It's only 2 a day at most. 20 seconds isn't going to kill you. "
That's just how it starts. Slippery slope, man. Slippery slope.
Posted by BenderUnit22

Damn paddle suckin' up mah balls.

Posted by darkjester74
@Tearhead: For the amount of content we get here at GB the amount of ads is extremely reasonable.  The guys have to pay the bills somehow, you know...
Posted by ProjektGill

Wow one of the shortest QLs. Too lazy to look back to see if any are shorter.

Posted by Milkman
@Tearhead said:
" WTF! Pre-vid ads?! Why GB, WHY?!?! "
I'd say because they need money.....
Posted by John1912

Lol, that should be their sales line.  "shootin out ur butt...Feels natural...Theres this taco place up the road..."

Posted by RNiemeijer

No adds for me =)

Posted by RagingLion

Huh.  I haven't seen a single video ad on GiantBomb yet, even though you guys are talking about them.  Maybe it's only limited to those in North America?

Posted by ryanwho

Geez Vinny you always gotta go blue huh

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Whoa whoa whoa. You guys have ads before videos now? 
Not that I mind, just a little surprised.

Posted by Weltal
@xDot said:
" I demand more Quick Looks by Vinny and Jeff where being able to see colour matters, the last few minutes were hilarious. "
Agreed. At first I was like, "what are they doing?", until Jeff mentioned it and I couldn't stop laughing afterwords.
Posted by buzz_killington

So funny they couldn't tell which base was whose at the end. HAHAHA COLORBLINDNESS!!!

Posted by NickNorman

Why are people so anal about the ads? How else do you think the website makes money? They can't live on energy drinks and food that get sent in the mail.
On the note of the quick look: The double entendre was thick. The game looks interesting, but  I think Schizoid and Geometry Wars have given me enough "use two joysticks and shoot stuff" action. I'll probably still try it out, though.

Posted by walter_sobchak

Seriously, when do I get to pay you guys a monthly/yearly fee to avoid commercials and ads?!!?!

Posted by SunKing

Looks boring. And, by the way, I'm not seeing any pre-load ads but that might be because I live in the UK.

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What ads? Haven't seen any yet. 
Well, that's probably because I don't live in the U.S.

Posted by Tovan
@Tearhead said:
" WTF! Pre-vid ads?! Why GB, WHY?!?! "
Is it really that big of a deal?
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No pre-vid ads for me on this vid.
And I live in California.

Posted by Jimbo

Speaking of XBLA, check out Defense Grid when it comes out  - it's actually pretty good.  At least as good as half of the Summer of Arcade offerings.

Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN

I don't mind ads, I wish they had more of them!

Posted by Soap

P.S Anyone bitching about Ads needs to shut up, we haven't got them here in the UK yet but it was inevitable and if you care enough about the site you'll happily accept them

Edited by Postromo
@Tearhead:  would you rather them go broke and shut down? do them a favor and click the ads. they get money per click if im not mistaken. 
the last couple minutes of this vid were fantastic. are vinny and jeff both colorblind?
Posted by Jayzilla

this game was fun til about 1984. after that, i was kind of over it to tell the truth.

Posted by wrecks

Nice. Keep the ads nice n short like that. deal. 

Posted by atomic_dumpling

Is this in any way related to the other "suck and blow" game they did a QL for some time ago?

Posted by Isaiah

huh wait there's supposed to be adds?  I've never seen any
Posted by GalacticPunt

The last two minutes were hilarious. 
Public Service Announcement:  If you are colorblind, Ion Assault is not for you.

Posted by Infernocow


Posted by Brackynews
@Postromo said:
are vinny and jeff both colorblind? "
Posted by MacGyver

batman is pretty great, i just thought i say that

Posted by NoXious

Why don't I get any ads? I feel discriminated! :(

Great quick look, game would suck if you'd be color blind.

Posted by Chewii101

Wow.........boring looking game. Also, lol at the end. and I still don't get what they were suppose to do. 
PS. Whats up with Jeff's gamerpic? By that I mean alot of people I see online have it and Drew had the same one in his QL. 

Posted by nrain

I have never had an advertisement on GB ever don't knnow what people's problems are.
Posted by ghostNPC

Love the references.

Posted by Cynic04

I love it, these guys are pumping out Quick Looks like its their job... oh wait.

Posted by Dethfish

Hahaha, they couldn't tell who's base was who's. That made me laugh hard.

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