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Posted by ashbash

Kinda funny looking.

Posted by Contra

Those Verminators are spies... or pyro's in disgiuse....

Posted by Griddler

Uhh no thanks.. 
@Bokolino: Why even comment?

Posted by Droop

Brad posts some wierd stuff :o

Posted by MeatSim

Belly flops an effective way to kill vermin.

Posted by erinfizz

I really hope this game is fun to play. It has "weirdo game Erin would like" written all over it.

Posted by AURON570

little pyros xD

Posted by thedj93

I'm digging the art and music style, but i sort of gave up on my wii since it looks terrible on my oversized tv
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he he

Posted by Andborn

Poop. I refuse to ever get into these games.