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pleasantly surprised by this!

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All those moments will be lost in time... like tears in rain...

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Thank you for posting this early

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Oh my God yes

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This was fantastic. Gimme a hardcopy of it.

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Missed the first 15-20 minutes of this live, I love how fast they get these up.

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plastic sleeves are plastic.

Also glad this is up so fast, missed the first 20ish minutes.

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Finally a hard copy of this.

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Can't wait to watch this at work tonight

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So much streaming today, good stuff.

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@Gyoru said:

Finally a hard copy of this.


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YAY! :)

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@A_Deep_Mushroom said:

All those moments will be lost in time... like tears in rain...

Nuh-uh! These tears be FROZEN!


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Woooo, been waiting for this.

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My god you're beautiful.

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Drew's Sarah Connor impressions are spot on.

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amazing content guys

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"Everyone not wearing sunscreen is gonna have a real bad day, get it?!"

Nice one.

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Go ahead and give me a hard copy of that.

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Freshly-installed Windows 8, three unwatched Let's Plays stored up, a saved podcast, and now this!

Friday evening will be filled with exploration and discovery.

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Newsflash guys, replicants smoke weed!

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Oh man, I missed that this was even happening. The first part actually got me to watch Blade Runner for the first time. It turns out, Blade Runner is a pretty good movie.

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@hussatron: Same here, I think it's a really bad movie though. Everyone is a robot and the villain is blonde, the end.

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I hope this ends up like a mini endurance run where they finish the whole game. A Vinny, Drew, and Dave Endurance Run would be perfect.

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=( when did this happen?

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Mmmmm, part 2. Random PC games are the best reason for my subscription. Not the only reason, but definitely the best. This site always benefits from more Dave and Drew.

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I love these. Hope there's a part 3.

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Yes! I can feel my premium membership being worth it with these videos. More, please. Much more.

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Thanks guys! :-) Keep 'em coming! ;-)

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Almost choked when they mentioned biplane guy!

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Watched this live. Yearly subscription justified.

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@Phished0ne said:

Newsflash guys, replicants smoke weed!

Looks like a giant purple dick to me. I guess that means, (puts on glasses) they're pole smokers.

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Fuck Ryan Davis? Give me a hard copy of that!

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@Phished0ne said:

Newsflash guys, replicants smoke weed!

I bet theyd be the first to smoke a real skull bong

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Drew really does a great E.B. Farnham.

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This game seems really cool. Also, Drew, Vinny, and Dave are hilarious together.

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nice William Sanderson impression Drew!

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I love how these become the Video game version of "Blues Clues" "Chat... Can you find the clue?"

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Just realized that if I hear Dave's voice these days, I think of McNuggets (so now I'm eating Nugs).  Hopefully that's just an unintended side effect and hasn't spread to the rest of you.

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I love Vinny's call for chaos at any moment.

You know what, I just plain love Vinny.

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Can't wait for part three, Random PC game is more than enough to warrant the membership. If anyone was wondering what the song at the end was, I think it's Pure Soul Ghost by Invisible Reality, but I'm not entirely sure.

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Oh man, was that a reference to the D&D chart I posted recently, at 52:30? Pretty rad. :D

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This is the greatest Endurance Run ever.

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I nearly choked to death at "Irie!"

Amazing. <3

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Drew does a great distressed Linda Hamilton. Best in the business.