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Oh Ryan. We will miss you going "ohh..!" every time a game starts hitching up.

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Watching this tonight (or early morning...) to say farewell to 2013, and the ups and downs that came with it.

Probably gonna be the last time I visit the site for this year, considering I'll probably be rather busy 'til January.

Rest in peace, Ryan.

I feel like I knew you way more than I should, but I certainly wish I got to know you more.

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@turboman 13:14, 16:07, 16:33, 17:40, 18:45, 22:15, 28:58, 32:00, 32:33, 34:44, 36:10, 40:42, 45:29, 56:22 (and choice moments until 57:43), 1:11:28, 1:16:39, 1:17:40. good luck on the studies!

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@professionlol: I was actually going to do one for these soon. thanks!

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@turboman: I actually had these moments picked out in anticipation of sending them to you but got lazy halfway through and never went through with it until i saw your recent video. There are some really great moments all around in the random pc game videos.

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Welcome, duders, to the first of TWO VIDEOS featuring Burn:Cycle on giantbomb.com. What a world we live in.

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Thanks, CD-I stream. I forgot how glorious this was.

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