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Go Mechs!

Posted by envane

heh the mw4 games were ok .. nostalgia ftw at least

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Now THIS is a mech game reboot I would pay full retail price for. DAY ONE.

edit: LOL love it when Vinny slams greedy publishers and $DLC at 18:00 in.

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Nice! Time to watch this while I crank out the Skyrim Thieves Guild quests.

Posted by stenchlord

This is great, woulda loved it if it was MW2.

Posted by crusader8463

I just ate three Mars bars and I'm really tempted to go for the fourth. I'm a terrible person.

Posted by Nadafinga

I'll save everyone a step; Here's the Saitek X52 Flight Stick they're using:

Posted by Owlhead

@Nadafinga said:

I'll save everyone a step; Here's the Saitek X52 Flight Stick they're using:

My god.... it's beautiful...

Posted by Frumpa

@Nadafinga said:

I'll save everyone a step; Here's the Saitek X52 Flight Stick they're using:

Wow! - certainly worth $50 !

Posted by Illyr


Posted by TiE23

I was in a clan for this game when I was fucking 12 years old or so (born in 1990). I always played on no-heat servers because I loved just putting a bunch of Clan LRs and Clan ER Large Lazers and Clan ER PPC cannons. Because fuck yeah.

Posted by Oherro

Weird. 5 and a half minutes in and I just realized, I've been listening to the FMV actors rather than listening to the guys commentary....oh wait. I think my brain was to remember that I played this game! No wonder it seemed so familiar. I'm not weird.

Posted by GraveyardPolka

@crusader8463: Do it!

Posted by dropkickpikachu

@Nadafinga: That's the thing Vinny picked up from Craigslist? Man for 50 bucks, that's a steal.

Posted by PimblyCharles

Man I love these Random PC game videos so much. Please don't ever stop making them!

Posted by chaiHazuki

These videos always deliver.

Posted by RetroVirus

Engage rotation....chk chk chk rrggghggghgh.

Posted by bkbroiler

Had no idea this happened! This game is a ton of fun. I love all the sim-type management you have to do.

Posted by trayntastic

i love how dave refers to any part of any game that he likes as "the fun part"

Posted by Kevin_Cogneto

So many talking heads spouting so much nonsense...

Posted by PurplePartyRobot

Man, nothing beats putting a whole bunch of Clan LBX-20s on an assault-class mech and then knocking over lighter mechs by firing all of them at the same time point-blank.

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I only really ever played Mechwarrior 3 so Its nice to finally see what the fourth looked like.

also, I found it to be kinda weird hearing everyone saying my name like we knew each other.

Posted by GnsDemon

Damn I miss mech assault....so a god damn good game.

Posted by murisan

I got home tonight wondering what I was going to do. Saw this on the update panel, clicked it expecting 45 minutes. 1 hour and 10 minutes. fuckyea.jpg

Posted by ohio_wasabi

Thanks guys, now I am forced to go and put Robot Jox into my Netflix DVD que.

Posted by VooDooPC

He paid $60. *wink*

Posted by bybeach

V- "Ever been hit with a missile in the leg?" 
It's on! Watch this in total tomorrow.
Posted by selbie

I used to be a mechwarrior like you, then I took a PPC to the leg joint servo.

Posted by Chris2KLee

Vinny picking on Dave about the word "chassis" was hilarious.

Posted by Fungiefips


Posted by FormulaDeuce

Somewhere in my house is a copy of Mechwarrior 4 that I have to find now!

Posted by DJ_EuroGhost

<3 Random PC Game <3

Posted by Joeku

Some rocking fuckin' tunes in here.

Posted by BisonHero

I bought this game around when it came out, and despite being in my early teens, it was still way over my head. I had a basic flight stick, but man, I got to the dropship mission, and just got completely overwhelmed by how many enemy mechs there were in combination with the time limit on the mission.

Never got past that dropship mission, and watching this video, I feel totally alright about that. This mission is a lot harder than the previous two.

Posted by Jugglerman

Dude, mechs and FMW. What's not to love?!

Posted by Aakkoset

Such a great game.

Posted by NeonBlackJack

Vinny and Dave you are both hilarious. Thank you.

Posted by lordofmidgets

i love this game, this is like my number one favourite game, thanks for doing this

Posted by Vesty

I couldn't help but cringe at some of the mythology errors they said. Oh I read too many of those books. That said glad they played it.

Posted by Baal_Sagoth

@Nadafinga: Aha, thanks. Input devices from the future. Oh wait...

Anyways, great show. I can't believe how nicely this held up, especially since I don't even have any huge nostalgia for these types of games even though I do respect them. Here's hoping the avalanche of new mech games holds something good for me.

Posted by Tennmuerti

I have to admit i was ragin pretty hard in the live stream chat yesterday at their antics in the Mechlab and unwilingness to use all the weapons. But my excuse is I was slighly drunk. All in good fun.
@CommissarDuke said:

Man, nothing beats putting a whole bunch of Clan LBX-20s on an assault-class mech and then knocking over lighter mechs by firing all of them at the same time point-blank.

Posted by deathstroke75

love to see Vinny bring in his flight stick and baseball cap for some Freespace 2

Posted by Koshka

My fiance was just playing this last week for HOURS

Posted by Dooftastic

"What else can you order that lady to do?" Classic Vinny.

Posted by Max_Hydrogen

If we ever face losing Alaska to the Russians, I know who I'm calling: Hardcore Dave, Vin-Dog and Warthog Master Drew in their slick Luchamech; AVENGE ME SON!!!!!!!! AVENGE ME!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by aceofspudz

"You want giraffe camo? Buy it from gamestop and get giraffe camo."

Vinny, I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Posted by Sporkbane

Three things:

1. Dave has a binder of random pc games. I would worship this as my bible
2. I need a flight stick for all the upcoming mech games, and
3. I would pay $5 a month just for the Random PC Game feature

Posted by MrKlorox

I once had a bad case of fang wang.

Posted by Feikken

Loved playing this game way back when

a more simple time

Posted by Wes899

Never really played 4, was more of a 2 and 3 guy. MUST WATCH.

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