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This just makes me miss quake 2 all the more.

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Not working?

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I keep getting a 404 when I try to play the video + the download options aren't working. Help, comrades!

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Is this not supposed to be up yet? Or is it just borked? I'm seeing the video under the quick look section rather than the premium section.

Edit: They fixed it. Thanks guys.

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Hmm had to press play a few times but works.

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Works for me

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No Blade Runner Pt 3? Whatever, just glad RPCG IS BACK!!!

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I'm actually glad they didn't do Blade Runner; its been so long since the last time that I doubt it'd be very interesting to watch them ask the chat to look at gamefaqs.

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@smeddly said:


Never have one man been more right.

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I loved this! Loved the game and loved the stream! They really did it justice and treated it with respect Good job duders.

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Man, this was super weird.

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Hells YEAH! "Random PC Game" is my numero uno favorite feature on the GB.

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David Bowie is the greatest human being. He makes Vinny look like a pile of rocks, and I say this as a pro-Vinny person.

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Holy shit, they played Omnikron!? What an awesome surprise!

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No more Blade Runner? I'm going to try . . . really try to not be overwhelmed with sadness. I'll just settle for being extremely despondent.

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I got two copies of this game for christmas.

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Oh man. I skipped this live because I thought they were doing Blade Runner and I haven't watched part 1 or 2 yet.

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I love this feature; Drew, Vinny and Dave are probably my favourite combination of guys to do these videos. Also - was the chat broken during their live show of this? I kept wanting to jump into the chat but it was always down.

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Omicron Persei 8

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I dreamed a dreeaaaam of Omikrooooonnnnnnn!

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Glad we get some awesome Random PC Game action even if it's not Blade Runner

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I remember when I played this game on PC I had a problem with the second to last city, after a super long shooting sequence the game would ALWAYS crash. As soon as the sequence was over computer would just hard lock. Luckily you guys could never get to disc 3 in the short time you play games, that'd be really unfortunate. Great pick for a game though, It's one of my all time favorites.

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It may not be Blade Runner but I'm always happy when there's another RPCG!

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RPCG forever

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Enenykite or bust!

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I missed this shit. And I miss Flight Club/all simulation game Quick Looks.

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Oh No! Just heard about the Blade Runner save. Ohhhh noooo! I really wanted to see how that one was going to end. That sucks. Oh well. These things happen. Still glad there's a RPCG! LONG LIVE RPCG!

On side note: Holy crap Dave! That's a lot of notifications on your account. How do you up with all that. Or do you? Is that because of the new site and all the bugs or is that a regular basis?

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I missed this shit. And I miss Flight Club/all simulation game Quick Looks.

this ^^, also, more davindrew.

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So glad the site is done so we can get Dave back for more Random PC Game stuff. This is by far my favourite feature.

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Alexis showed up for this one too. Thusly, I dub the new video team "DVDA".

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I have the dreamcast version sitting on my desk if anyone is interested?

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This is pretty much the early trappings of GTA3 2 years before it came out.

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I have a copy of Thief that comes in that trapezoid shape. I've always referred to them as "pyramid boxes".

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OMG I miss you so much.

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Cool I have always liked Quantic Dream as a developer, despite of some of Indigo Prophecy (Fahrenheit) and Heavy Rains flaws, because atleast they are trying to make something different.

Unfortunately David Cage can come of as a bit of a jerk at times, but I'm still glad we have people like him who are not afraid of reaching beyond the stars. Oh yeah beyond.

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@thepaleking: I think all Edios boxes from that time came in those boxes.

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Oh man, I love Omikron. It looks shitty today, but back then it was fucking awesome.

It makes me miss old PC games like this, Deus Ex, System Shock, Quake, Doom, and Unreal.

I hope they play Blade Runner again, from what I heard their save got erased but hopefully Dave will play up to the same point they were at before. I loved watching Blade Runner, it's still such a quality game.

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Yea, this is the stuff.

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I'm so disappointed in Dave. I never knew he was a rhombist.

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@runcrash said:

@thepaleking: I think all Edios boxes from that time came in those boxes.

Absolutely, I worked at Eidos for a few years and picked up quite a few free copies of games from the swag table in those kooky boxes. Got a copy of Soul Reaver II on the shelf next to me in one of those boxes.

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Oh man, I wish I hadn't missed out on the whole PC boom back in the day, because these titles are almost impossible to go back to now. You have to admire how experimental they were, with the lack of standards and practices and all, but UI has come a long way since then.

While this was great fun, I don't think you can mine much more enjoyment out of this title by going back to it. You probably can't top awkward, polygonal sex and David Bowie.

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Just lovely stuff, this is what $50 membership is all about!