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Edited by csl316

Breaking the fourth wall at 56:10.
Also, I'm pretty sure she got this role based on her performance on The Fresh Prince:

Posted by Kingpk

Break the wall break the wall fix my hair break the wall.

Posted by MAD_JIHAD

Good thing she remembered Latin.

Posted by EToaster

And the moral of the story is "Leave sealed off rooms behind fireplaces alone."

Edited by Dany

wow, rape huh???

Posted by Nephrahim

Was a little curious to see if they left the rape scene in.

Posted by Nmckee503

I love Vinny's inner monologue of her thoughts.

Posted by AddyMac

Telltale should totally pick up the Phantasmagoria licence.

Posted by Nmckee503

@mrhollender said:

This video adventure definitely has some weird food fetish stuff in it. Most chapters end with making dinner, almost all the Zanzibar murders are stuffing faces with "food". Like the main character is all playing this out in her mind as a denial reaction to her having a pronounced eating disorder.

So you're saying that "Drag me to hell" is basically a remake of this game?

Posted by Lunar_Aura

This feels more endurance run than the actual Endurance Run. Good effing job on that!

Posted by Dimsey

I'd actually been pondering purchasing this game for a while now, having recalled watching my Ma playing some of it when I was a kid. But now I've watched you guys play through it, so thanks for saving me $5 I guess!

Posted by SpunkyHePanda
Posted by crustwheel

Thhhhomeone hath theen EVERYTHING on thith island.

Posted by Dberg

That death scene in the tower is seriously messed up.

Posted by dahlis

Even though I enjoy your videos, I usually NEVER laugh at them but this is just hilarious. I haven't laughed this much since I watched that Louis CK live at the beacon show....yesterday

Posted by Pacmantis

According to IMDB, the actor playing Don's special skills "include: dance, horseback riding, motorcycling, fencing, weapons use, racquetball, tennis, bowling, skiing, swimming and frisbee."

Notice they didn't mention "acting".

Posted by wrathofconn

"Wevster's Dictionary" is the shit.

Posted by MattClassic

How is the main character only just now discovering all this fucked up shit in her house? Did she and her terrible husband not, you know, at least take a tour of the place before they bought it?

Posted by The_Big_Rough

Well fucking done, thanks for the effort looking forward to number 2 :).

Posted by Mezmero

I love this feature guys! Dave and Vinny are an unbeatable team. Keep doing more of these videos. I never even saw this game and for the longest time I thought it was Phantasm of Goria; I can see that this game was way ahead of its time in terms of production but a lot of it was disturbing to watch.

Posted by jagenheim


Posted by jorbear

@Pacmantis: Even better than that, he is now a Realtor.

Foreshadowing much?

Posted by gbast

i love being a subscriber.

Posted by North6

Favorite giantbomb video I think.

Posted by Myomoto


Edited by NegativeCero

Wait, I caught a little of the live stream, but did they cut some of the gore when that lady got killed in the theater?

Edit: Nevermind, mixed up the scenes.

Best line: I can split a head open like a motherfucker... Man, those credits were great too.

Posted by chiablo

This is completely NSFW, but if you google the actress's name... you can find an interesting video clip. Hint: saggy boobs

Edited by rockhardalibi

@Mezmero said:

I love this feature guys! Dave and Vinny are an unbeatable team.

This was incredible guys. Definitely belongs in the ER catalog.

edit: along with Bad Dudes

Posted by mbkish

This is the reason why I subscribe!

Posted by RoyCampbell

Here's hoping for the sequel to get a look see.

Posted by Max_Hydrogen

@Verb4tim said:

Fantastic stuff, can't wait to see the next "Random PC game".

PHANTASMORGIA 2!!! Make it happen guys.

Posted by Ithmoliar

Best video I have seen in ages!

Posted by EuanDewar

Performance of that Cyrus guy seems pretty similar to John Malkovich's performance as Lennie in the film adaption of "Of Mice and Men". Not particularly offensive.

Posted by wumbo3000

These two videos have undoubtedly been one of the funniest things on the site. Holy shit I was dying from laughter.

Posted by GrandMarshal

great endurance run

Posted by Bunnyman

Keep the randomness coming, gents. Good stuff.

Posted by XcL

Took me a time to watch it all but GOTY 2011 GG

Posted by Kukash

Vinny: I wanna see Don butt.

*long silence*


Posted by Mongoose

Phantasmagoria Part:02

7:15 into the video.

Best thing ever.

Posted by Poppy_Persona

I think we all know what the true endurance run this year was...

Posted by ieatpoptarts

This is my favorite thing on Giant Bomb. THANKS DAVE AND VINNY!

Posted by Tricky69

To everyone saying this was their Endurance Run for 2011...I totally agree. It was pure entertainment and Vinny and Dave play off each other so well. Thanks guys. Keep 'em coming.

Posted by Warihay

Great endurance run

Posted by heavyplay

That funnel scene at 50:30 gave me nightmares for months when I was a kid. I never got past that point because I was too freaked out to start up the game again.

Posted by hollitz

These two videos were the first things that I've watched with my premium account. Purchase already justified.

Posted by yoshimitz707

Dave knows Latin? That's pretty cool!

Edited by JeanLuc

Kind of a bummer they didn't do the chase scene. Its really funny, plus you find out that Don killed Cyrus and Harriet. In fact, this game has a lot of optional scenes that you can totally miss.

Posted by EightBitShik

Can anyone confirm that they played this censored or uncensored?

Posted by Gamer_152

Great stuff. Nice work guys.

Posted by Bruce

Never go full retard with the southern boy cliches!

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