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Posted by naeblis213

Looks interesting!

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Woah! I didn't even know the new characters were out for this game yet, I've gotta load this up again.

EDIT: Co-op!? Wuuuuuut

Posted by wallofbricks

RISK of Rain for those people trying to look this game up.

Posted by UnionCarbine

Looks really cool. I will definitely check it out.

Posted by Hassun

"Dude, duuuuude! Oh! Klepdawg is just Fucking Shit Up right now!"

It's been a while since I have seen someone have this much fun with a grenade launcher.

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I am digging the hell out of this music. ♥

Posted by CitizenCoffeeCake

This game looks cool.

Posted by mattchops

This looks surprisingly really fun.

Posted by Elwoodan

Big props to Chucklefish for bringing/backing this stuff, Wanderlust is really cool, and Starbound looks fantastic!

Posted by MeldingPlague

That was a cool video of a cool game. Also, Alex did very well in terms of keeping the conversation going. Yeah, I like this. Thanks guys!

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looks pretty neat.

Posted by Domineeto

I'm liking this, Pat. Keep up the great work!

Posted by Jegschemesch

The in-game audio was too loud relative to your voices, even after you turned it down. It gave me a headache and I had to stop watching.

Posted by beeryayghost

Alex is legit a cool dude. I remember him inviting me to play some MNC with him with that came out. Great to see him on GB.

Posted by patrickklepek

@jegschemesch: Definitely working on that for next time. Always a next time!

Posted by nelson1tom

Damn. This actually looks pretty good.

Posted by chu52

I had to turn on my computer to greenlight this while i watched it

Posted by Nigthguy

Hope this makes it through on steam, it looks really fun.

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Looks really neat. I'd think I'd be sick of pixel-art by now, but this still looks good to me. Combat looks really interesting.

In-game audio is definitely loud, but I actually prefer this over the times when it's far too quiet. In a lot of other content (quick-looks, etc.) I usually can't hear the background music, even with headphones. I can still hear Patrick and Alex just fine in this.

Posted by dragonguyx

Game looks awesome!

Thanks Patrick for making all these new features for the site, keep up the good content!

Posted by MarkG1022

Awesome feature. I love it. it just needs a catchier name. "Kelp Tales"? ... idk. just thorwing names out there.

Posted by xbob42

Nice stream, and a fun game. The synthed guitar riffs were awesome. That said, as you've been told, the audio mix was a bit off, and while it wasn't hard to hear you, per se, it was annoying to have the game audio so loud.

A good rule of thumb is "the game being too quiet is always better than it being too loud." We're watching to listen to you, after all! We listen for you and watch for the game footage. You said you're taking care of it next time around, but I thought I'd mention it anyway. Keep up the good work!

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Is it too nitpicky and pedantic of me to object to the use of the term "pixelated" as used here?


Posted by TheGamerGeek

I love Alex Rubens. He's my favorite Alex Rubens.

But furreal, good stuff you two. Though I may be a bit bias, Alex is a talented ass writer who is gonna do big things in this industry.

Posted by Kazzenn

The music in this is great.

Posted by FMinus

I dislike the new trend of demanding more cash for alpha & beta versions, compared to the final product. So in essence we must pay to test what otherwise people get paid for doing, amazing.

$25 is not something I would dump on that game, $10 is reasonable.

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Is it too nitpicky and pedantic of me to object to the use of the term "pixelated" as used here?


How about "pixelarted?"

Posted by Humanity


Posted by Sevith

Huh. After watching this, I went to check out the Kickstart and found out that I did infact kickstart this at some point. Waddya know!

Posted by Player1

Liked the addition of Alex. Checked out some of his work and I dig it. His blog is also pretty funny.

Posted by Avanzato

I thought this showed off the game really well it looked great fun and as I'd never heard of it I'll probably pick it up when it's released. Still I'm not a fan of tiny pixel art not sure I have the nostalgia for my Spectrum or C64 playing days that the youngsters have. Also at times it made seeing what was going on harder than it needed to be.

Didn't know who Alex was when watching the livestream but he is entertaining.

Posted by JStaunton

Weird, I read the original mention on Twitter as Alex Navarro, must have been tired.

Posted by returnofjake

There's a demo for this available on the Kickstarter page if anyone wants to try it. It's bloody amazing.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

Oh man I love the music

Posted by Asger

More stuff like this, Patrick! Meeting new cool people!

Posted by MrLog

holy fuck this game is rad as hell

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Nick sounded so blazed.

Posted by ripelivejam
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This looks so good. And that music is outstanding. I'm a little burned out on pixel art, but I am sold on this.

Posted by rebgav

@rebgav: pixelsharted?


I can think of a few games which qualify for that description.

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While I too am not overly into retro design for designs sake (if it makes it easier for developers that's fine), but what actually makes it seem great in this case is that the character/monster resolution could easily be the same as back on the C64, but that just gives you a huge overview and screen space to use for more enemies and real estate, which actually works out great and separates it from other retro-beat-em-ups which I'm very tired of.

Can't wait to play this in couch- and online-co-op. Looks like great fun.

Posted by Tesla

This is a fun game to watch people play. Good stuff.

Posted by Nyhus

Great stuff, Patrick.

Posted by BisonHero

@humanity said:



This game looks dope as shit. I appreciate that it has basically the Binding of Isaac item system, where you can stack as many passive abilities as you want, but can only carry one active item that you can swap out for various things. All the character classes seem pretty neat.

Posted by DrFlapjack

If this has the crazy amount and diversity of items similar to Binding of Isaac, I am in all the way.

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Great music, looks like it would be awesome to play with friends

Posted by geirr

Looks cool!

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Great stuff! Very fun, and very challenging game. The fact that enemies get tougher each minute of game time that goes by gives a sense of urgency that's very welcome in this style of game. Makes you carefully weigh whether or not you're ready to go to take on the boss horde and next stage, or if you should spend more precious time trying to get additional items and levels for an edge. Take too long getting those items and levels, and the edge you thought you were gaining isn't so sharp.

I do wish you could pay money to revive players in co-op, and for that cost to increase the more times they die (with your level as a factor, perhaps). This is how it works for the drones you collect in the game, so it'd fit pretty naturally. They could also make everyone gets resurrected upon stage transition. With how easy it is to get fucked up in this game, it would suck if you were playing with a full group and died on the first stage. No one wants to spectate for 30 minutes while everyone else has the fun.

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Awesome, I missed the stream of this last night.

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