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Oh, Randy.

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This made me laugh.

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nope dang it

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DNF delayed - who would've thought?

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Guess I'm the only one who just facepalms over it.

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oh god

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@EnDeter said:
" First? nope dang it "
Maybe your comment was delayed.
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that was funny

Posted by tim

lol, wonderfully done.

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I hope this delay doesn't become a pattern, I've been stoked since I heard about this game.

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I really hope it still makes the Summer '98 release window.

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It got better near the end.

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LOL! What a great way to deliver bad news. I have to take notes. ;-) 

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this made me laugh

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@Chabbs0: Quite Possibly I was second but somehow I'm third 0.o?
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I hope it was planned.

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It comes out internationally 4 days earlier? I call bull...
I bet on April's Fool they release another video and go "nah we're kidding it's still May...no really the other video was a joke Duke's done."
Then it gets released in May and George Broussard returns to his timeline in peace after being exiled for 20 years.

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Oh, I see.  The game isn't real.

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Interesting video, eases the pain of the delay ; ) 
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Haha awesome:) 
Btw. Am I the only one who thinks Randy Pitchford kinda looks a bit related to Vinny?

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this is just the start.  
next it will get delayed to Q4,  then to 2012.  then to "when its done".  then gearbox gets shut down and Bungie insomniac,  valve or other american FPS studio picks DNF up and the circle starts all over again

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I'm with Randy.  This is totally bullshit!
I love Gearbox

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@Doctorchimp said:
" It comes out internationally 4 days earlier? I call bull...
in Europe, games come out on Fridays so it's ALWAYS either the Friday before the US release (tuesdays) or the Friday after the US release. Sometimes it's earlier, other times it's later. Nothing unusual about that.
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Two Brads on one site posting the same vid?

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They should delay it one more time for old times sake.

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@jozzy said:
" Two Brads on one site posting the same vid? "
2 Brads 1 Clip
Posted by PatVB

Good on them for keeping a sense of humor about this. Personally I find this whole situation too hilarious to even pretend to be upset about.

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Called it!

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You gotta love Randy, that guy is also so excited! 

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I am flabbergasted.

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Hey, you know what? I'm totally OK with this. One last delay, for old time's sake. Gotta love Randy

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Really, at this point wasn't it just a better idea they simply remade DN3D instead of a new installment? That at least would've tickled my interest again, nostalgia-wise. I just don't care anymore! I just don't care...
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Very rare to see a US produced game come out internationally before it does on home soil. Even European games usually come out the same week as in the US, but 3 days later (games usually release on a Tuesday in NA, Friday in Europe). 
Last game I remember that came out in Europe before North America was Alan Wake, made by Remedy in Finland.

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I just hope they announce another delay next month.

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@Doctorchimp said:
" @jozzy said:
" Two Brads on one site posting the same vid? "
2 Brads 1 Clip "
Posted by SpacePenguin

Is anyone really surprised???

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i fucking love gearbox's promo videos, borderlands was classic, and this is also pretty funny, keep up the good work,  
im kinda relieved about the delay, too many games coming out for me between January and May

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awesome in every way better than Bulletstorm I hope :P

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Duke Nukem is like the Nyarlathotep of the games industry.  Whoever looks upon him is cursed to madness and oblivion.

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It would be amazing if this game never came out

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They should release on a more, uh, "erect" date, like say 11.11.11

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Oh God...it's happening agaaaaaaaain!!!!