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Posted by prinnysquadron

I laughed. It sucks, but at least they can laugh at themselves

Posted by gbrading

I would laugh, but you know Randy's most definitely in on the longest-running joke in history... Of making sure that Duke Nukem Forever is never, NEVER released. Just delayed indefinitely.

Posted by LOZZAT

This was funny, still not that interested in getting this myself. I wonder if gearbox will ever actually do another brothers in arms game, with all of these other projects in the works...

Posted by demonknightinuyasha

it'd be funny if they delayed it just so they could make this video, I know that's what I'd do >_>

Posted by cajuntechie

maybe a PR stunt to keep us thinking about it? they can come back and say "Just kidding! We couldn't resist!"

Posted by TheSilentTruth

I admit, I lol'd.

Posted by Toms115

what the fuck is it with this game and delays?

Posted by MadMagyar92

It's funny how just a month or two ago I didn't believe it was coming out on time. Now that this hilarious video is here, I somehow can't believe that it actually was delayed again. DNF: you're a sick, cold bastard, but a funny bastard at that.
Posted by Moofey

What they didn't say is that it was Delayed until June 14th 2020 :P

Posted by MordeaniisChaos

Oh Randy, how I love you. I will always cherish seeing you at PAX and getting you to sign my Borderlands poster. <3 
Sad that this is coming late,  but hey, the game looks really good, so I'm willing to wait.

Posted by Hershey07

This video alone justifies its delay. Well played, Randy. Well played. 

Posted by notha

i lol'ed. worth the delay for that video

Posted by fwylo


Posted by NakAttack

i cried a little from laughing.

Posted by demonbear

I love it. Take your time Gearbox, its ok by now.

Posted by SuperSambo

Randy has an annoyingly high pitched/geeky voice...

Posted by MooseyMcMan

Why is international before US? Since when does the US not get first dibs at something made in the US? HM?!

Posted by Zaccheus

Well played Gearbox, well played.

Posted by ALavaPenguin

haha that is great

Posted by ProfessorEss

RP's a boss.

Posted by Cybexx

I'd like to think this will now turn into a series of 6 week delays.

Posted by lumberingjackal
@PhatSeeJay: Not at all... here too. 
Posted by kollay

Push it back to July 4th. Can't think of a better day for Duke's arrival than the most American day of any day.

Posted by Brackynews

Oh Wandy, you so cwazy.

Posted by HarrySound


Posted by locolukah

I loved Borderlands so much that I might have to pick the game up when ::coughifcough:: it comes out.

Posted by PrivateIronTFU

What's another month, really?

Posted by Blueman

I was pissed at first, but after seeing this video i'll let them off.

Posted by Hangnail

This--was probably the only time I've let a long-awaited game's delay slide...!

Posted by Zaxex

Jeff must be losing his shit right now; all these delays and cancellations and they finally convinced him it was coming out in May just to pull the rug out from under him. Now nothing is sure lol. I imagine it'll come out soon and I'd rather it be finished than out sooner. If this was any other game it would be no big deal but unfortunately it's DNF (Which i still can't believe btw) and It's hard not to expect something amazing with the time they've had to make it, as little as that actually means considering the circumstances.

Posted by chriskelly123

haha duke never comes early....  COMES, geddit? oh man. 
seriously though, for a game that was supposed to come out when i was 4, im pretty interested. 

Posted by Commisar123

I can't help but feel they knew all along this was going to happen and they were like hey guys we need to delay this game at least once right so lets jsut say its coming out in may

Posted by Monkeyman04

God dammit all! Well, there goes my b-day plans.  
At least this means that it will be as bug free as can be when launched...I hope. 

Posted by Vrikk
@error5305: When you were, what, 6? It's been delayed about a hundred times, we're all used to it now :D
Posted by Goblinoid

Ummm.. On their last hours of "development", they are still working on vector graphics? (0 : 16 ) No wonder the game got delayed..
I know I know, the whole video's meant to be a joke.
Wait, what..?

Posted by geirr

C'mon, July 4th would be the perfect delay date!

Posted by nmarchan


Posted by twillfast

That video was pretty hilarios.. because  a month long delay; who the fuck really cares?

Posted by slyspider

that was pretty good

Posted by RecSpec

Conspiracy theories abound!

Posted by Mordi

DNF - Did Not Finish

Posted by REDRUN

LOL, for some reason I am not even angry, but very amused.

Posted by ComradeCrash


Posted by Death_Burnout

Haha, nicely done.

Posted by tourgen

great PR, laughed my ass off

Posted by DrJota

Bravo,sirs at Gearbox.

Posted by NekuCTR

How did international release get bumped ahead of US release. That doesn't even make since. Not saying I'm pissed off that America doesn't get first dibs... for once. It's just odd.

Posted by donaldkhogan

Seriously well done Gearbox and Randy.  Could not have been done better.  Looking forward to not playing this in June now.

Posted by Vaile

This almost makes me want to play the game.

Posted by Mumrik

Alright, I'm not hyped for Duke and Randy tends to come across as over-enthusiastic, BUT!
This was amazingly well played. I loved it!

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