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Wow that's a pretty intense ad there shygirl.

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Beat us up at dukenukemforever.com lol 
I like Gearbox's sense of humor, something about them makes them very likeable 

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Not interested in this game but im glad they kept the tradition alive pretty damn funny lol.

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i wonder if this was planned, because this seems like an awesome way to market this game to me.

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if this delay is to remove the spank the 'flag' feature, I will be sorely disappointed.

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@selbie said:
" Duke must have the worst blueballs ever if it's been over 12 years since he last came. "
Poor guy.  :(
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Atleast now I can play Brink, LA Noire, F3ar, and Hunted before the beast that will take up a good portion of my life comes out.

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Duke never COMES early... got it?

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Is this Anthony Burch's work, that sly devil... 
Also as an aside I looked at his page and that goddamn "Follow your dreams" with his sister got me again!

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And in other news, Duke Nukem Forever getting delayed surprises nobody! 

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Love the self-aware humor of that. :p Delivered tastefully.

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@jking47 said:
" lmfao and I thought there was no way they could actually delay this game again "
If you think about it they had to just once for old times sake :)
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@SomeDeliCook said:
" Atleast now I can play Brink, LA Noire, F3ar, and Hunted before the beast that will take up a good portion of my life comes out. "
You forgot Portal 2 ;)
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For Ever.

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Ugh, can they just ship it so we can ridicule how awful this game is already and move on with our lives?

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@ThePelinal said:
" I really hope it still makes the Summer '98 release window. "
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I fear for Gearbox.

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I lol'd, but also said, "FFUUUU."

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That was amazing .

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They should have said that Duke always comes fashionably late . Bu t yeah this is the best delay announcement video ever probably.

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I might just get this as a birthday present for myself now.

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error5305: So you're afraid that DNF being delayed is going to develop into a pattern?
Gee, I don't really know how to break it to you but I'm afraid it's already too late for that. Some of us have been waiting for DNF since 1998 and it's been delayed quite a number of times since then. I'm afraid it has already developed into a pattern. I'm sorry for bringing you the bad news but  someone had to do it. :D

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I am surprised a share holder hasn't stabbed anyone after all these years of delays.

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@Doctorchimp said:
" It comes out internationally 4 days earlier? I call bull... I bet on April's Fool they release another video and go "nah we're kidding it's still May...no really the other video was a joke Duke's done."  Then it gets released in May and George Broussard returns to his timeline in peace after being exiled for 20 years. "
I really hope they do an April Fool's thing with this. That would make this all so much better.
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PR stunt? Or was it ACTUALLY delayed? Like, with reason? 

Posted by sergeantz

It takes balls of steel to delay this game again. 
Yes, I'm ashamed of me too.
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i wonder if gearbox will ever go back into the war genre. 
I never played Brothers In Arms 3 but i LOVE LOVE LOVEDDDDD the first two. 
I always wanted to see it continue in some sort of spiritual successor form.

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Agreed, at least they have a good sense of humor about a true delay to the game, glad it's not too long & other good games coming out in April that will keep me busy til this finally gets out.

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LOL. I love Gearbox. 

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"Duke never comes early" 
It was worth it for that quote.

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If it's just the one delay this is funny...it it happens again we are all sad, strange nerds for believing this could ever happen.
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I can't believe they delayed it again. Still a funny way to tell you about it.

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@fox01313: While I did find it somewhat funny, something inside me wanted to cry.Is this for realz?
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Aha love it. Luckily Im not actually gonna get the game so I don't give a shit whether its delayed or not.

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Say what you will about this game: Randy Pitchford is awesome. One of my favorite persons making games.

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June 14 year 2096 amirite. 

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This is awesome.

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lol duke never comes early, 

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My teacher use to write DNF for Did Not Finish. Never thought that the initials for Duke Nukem Forever would so closely follow my teacher's definition of them.

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Its april 1st now, and this is still funny

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@Geno said:
" June 14 year 2096 amirite.  "
You're off by a few years there, it's planned to be released at the 100th anniversary of Apogee Software, in 2087.
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I was expecting the website at the end to link to a flash game where you kick the developers Duke style.

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Awesome, but i rather have Borderlands 2