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Posted by leejunfan83


Posted by Video_Game_King

I think the bigger news is, "RARE STILL EXISTS".

Posted by Nero42

Well it sure looks like they put a whole load of effort in but I still will never be tempted to play this, I got my fill of gimmicky motion sports games from the original wii sports

(I'd totally watch a quick look of this though!)

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Is there really still a market for this stuff? Oh well. Hope it does well for them. Would love to see another Banjo game.

Posted by blacklab

Actually looks pretty good!

Posted by thatdutchguy

Please stop.

Posted by sprode

Poor Rare. What you have become. If only someone could put you out of your misery.

Posted by captain_clayman

This looks like a really well made version of a game I can't give a shit about.

Posted by kmg90

I would be shocked if the final game looks like the clips in the trailer and I would also be shocked if it didn't include microtransactions with the power of the cloud and all...

Posted by Abendlaender

Alright thanks. That'll be all.

Posted by PurpleSpandex

Here is the headline I am choosing to read.

Rare creatives form new studio to make a pinata based garden simulator for the pc.

Posted by Smallville123


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Posted by JustKamToo

If that avatar technology works that seems to be the best thing out of this.

Posted by joshwent

This could actually be kind of awesome, if it wasn't a Kinect game.

But at least we'll finally get to experience the power of the cloud... online matchmaking!

Posted by Krakn3Dfx

@video_game_king: A development studio called Rare still exists. That's about as far as I'll go.

Posted by BasketSnake

Fuck this, I'm still playing the DKC games on my snes.

Posted by KindOfBlue

I think the bigger news is, "RARE STILL EXISTS".

In name only, really.

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The waveracey bit is still supposed to be free, right?

And urgh. That's not a competition, that's a mental problem.

Competition, competitor, champion - they're using scripts with what they speak of. Scripts so that easily brainwashed people get brainwashed and buy into it. I've made studies into this subject, I've got a diploma in it, got books. Microsoft being Microsoft. Also see contract-mandatory mention of the cloud and how much of a miracle it is.

"Most responsive motion (controlled) game there's ever been" - oh we will hold that against you if otherwise, those us with experience of motion controlled games in the arcade already do.

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Is this the game where I can draw a picture and show it to that kid who can read my mood based on my face?

Posted by BBQBram




Posted by Jazz_Lafayette

It's difficult for any person to be likable when they're using buzzwords.

Posted by jcali

Marketing videos sure are pretty. I'll believe it when I see it...

Posted by AlmightyBoob

Remember when Rare made real games?

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I really dig the visuals. It's just a shame I have no interesting in anything else about the game, especially how you play it.

Posted by Bgrngod

@almightyboob: It's been so long.. should I remember? I CAN'T REMEMBER

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I miss Rare. They were the Kings of the N64 era and the late SNES era. Now they can barely get out a game every 3 years. And it's a crap game.

Posted by budgietheii


"It's a crap game". Oh have you played it then? Or do you mean 'it doesn't look like the sort of game I'm interested in'?

It may well end up being poor but at least have the maturity to wait and see.

Posted by tooPrime

Man these comments are poison.

Posted by AimlessAJ

The face mapping stuff looks really interesting and I'm kinda bummed that they didn't even bother going into specifics about it. I could care less about this game, but I would like to see Microsoft implement this face tech into new avatars for Xbox.

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I thought that was a screen from The Old Republic.

Posted by joelalfaro

I say yay!

Posted by Skillsne

Do they actually believe what they're saying?

Posted by JCGamer

I don't think I ever got the demo working at all. Thanks Kinect!

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I like that Rare has a ''Creative Director,'' would someone kindly tell him that motion sports arnt that creative.

Also i like how half the video is them saying, Yah, the knect can tell when you move.

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Hey look everyone! Rare is making a game!

Well they had to do something now that there are no Avatars to design shirts for.

Also, I wonder how the face scanning will handle facial hair.

Posted by magicwalnuts

I bet none of this shit works.

Posted by BlazeHedgehog


Are we supposed to care who they are just because they work at Rare? Because these are not the Rare names I care about. Most of the Rare names I care about don't work at Rare anymore.

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drink every time they say 'compete'

Posted by Rotnac

Am I in 2006?...

Honestly, though. At least half of these games looks like they would be a fucking blast if you could just use a controller.

Posted by mikeeegeee


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Get back to me when you make a game you play with a controller again Rare.

Posted by SomeJerk

@shevar said:
Also, I wonder how the face scanning will handle facial hair.

A heightmap change of coloured fluff if it works out. The question is how it will handle a five inch goatee, usually these systems crap themselves on that, not to mention what they think of baldies.

Posted by Tokamak



Posted by WarOnHugs

"Most responsive motion game there's ever been" We'll see but that's still a bar so low I could trip over it.

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@waronhugs said:

"Most responsive motion game there's ever been" We'll see but that's still a bar so low I could trip over it.

The bar has sunk in to the ground. It is more of a crack in the sidewalk at this point. :/

These guys made Goldeneye. And Viva Pinata. :(

Posted by FMinus

precision on the other hand is thrown out the gate, when they fix that, which they will not without the ability to interact with a physical object, it will be the next big thing. Until then it will be just wiggling your limbs and hope the hardware/software is smart enough to know when and where you want your hand be placed inside the game and hope it interacts with the thing you wanted to in the first place.

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