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Every time they announce a new Rachet & Clank I remember that I'm always one game behind the rest of the world (haven't played 'Crack in Time' yet).

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@something_clevar said:

"  wow what a hot bapadeebahp   Edit: First! BITCHES. "

bapad eeb bahp... 
ba pa deeb bahp...  
ba pad eebb ahp... 
bap ade eb bahp... 
bap ad eeb bahp... 

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Wait, Nefarious? Isn't he a bad guy? Granted, I haven't played Ratchet and Clank future.

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Isn't Isn't Nefarious... nefarious? I need to pick up the last one I guess.
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"Ratchet, Ratchet, Ratchet, Ratchet" would have made for a better game.

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r&c really is one of the best looking console games on the market today, along with u2 and gow3 (god AND gears) of course

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Not going to lie, that song was Hella cheesy. Game looks like co-op fun though!!

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Reminds me of Little Big Planet.

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I really wish this was more in the Trine side scrolling style, but I am damn happy it has online co-op. There seems to be an influx of games lately that only have local co-op (Trine being one of them), and it's no good. 

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Now that is the way to do online for the Ratchet and Clank game.

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Not exactly what I expected, but it's good to see them trying out something new, at least.

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Oh man, that song is amazing. And this looks like yet another reason for me to get a PS3.

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My Current Opinion: Unfortunate name, good looking game. 
Might have to check this one out.

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A co-op specific RnC game? hells yeah! 

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Oh god, are those the fvoices from the first game? Brought back some memories.

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Oh my lord.. i might have to get that PS3 afterall. I really miss Ratchet and Clank.

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 All 4 One, ugh.

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nice!!!...new super mario bros wii style

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Surprised that it didn't say  "PS3 only does Family Games" because my oh my that is the big vibe I'm getting from this.

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hmmm looks cool but does anyone else realize that ratchet's face is squished!