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Well, this is weird on a whole other level.

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You already know.

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Two great tastes that taste great together? I am deeply, deeply confused by this.

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I'll never understand Ubisoft.

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Well, I didn't see that coming .

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Ah, the lesser spotted Snoop Lum.

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Remember where you are from

Cut to scene of Snoop with a bunch of white women at a concert... my how Compton has changed...

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um....welll....I'm definately waiting for that version

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This makes perfect sense

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hmmmm....ummm.......hmmmm......yea.....that's a....thing?

why not I guess?

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See if you can spot the references to Dota 2 in this video!

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I don't understand what I just saw.

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Oh dear, Snoop Dog in that thumbnail is giving me flashbacks to Angela Anaconda...

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I'm okay with this.

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and that's how Rayman eats pistachios

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What in the world

This game is easily my GOTY so hopefully more people pick it up! I mean, why not? It's not like you're playing anything else on those consoles.

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What it do, rayman?

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What. The. Fuck?

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Shit, now I have to upgrade to better-hair versions of Tomb Raider AND Rayman.

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Unless they've reredone the murfey bits this is still not the definitive version and should not be bought.

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I can fairly say that this is the absolute last thing I was expecting to see today. Good work Ubisoft. You've gotten my attention through sheer bafflement.

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What a bizarre turn of events

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I've stepped into a wormhole!

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Yeah, this makes sense.

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I could not have predicted this.

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Oh Ubisoft, you so crazy.

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I don't even

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I'll buy if its $15.

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I love you Rayman Legends.

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That's some arbitrary-ass capitalization in the title. What, "in" and "it" aren't good enough for you, @alex?

Oh, and yeah, that's one weird collaboration. And that was one big understatement.

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Doesn't make any god damned sense.

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Did you seriously just rip a video from polaris and post it on your site? You could at least have edited the ending out.

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This makes no sense whatsoever. I love it.

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I like how the ad is kind of ambiguous about whether Snoop is really in the game, or if that's just a little mockup they did for this ad and that's it. You never see Snoop in gameplay, and the whole thing might just be some weird celebrity endorsement? It never actually says anything at the end about "new Snoop Dogg character!" or "with new Snoop Dogg content!" or anything.

Unless they've reredone the murfey bits this is still not the definitive version and should not be bought.

Yeah, pretty much. Anyone who buys this on something other than a Wii U (or Vita?) is kind of a sucker. Ubisoft did their best, but it was really clearly designed for a touch screen.

Actually, I guess the PS4 controller might work.

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I disliked that he was in Tekken 6. I specifically changed the music on that one stage he was in. The stage still looked crap though.

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@yummylee said:

Oh dear, Snoop Dog in that thumbnail is giving me flashbacks to Angela Anaconda...

Oh don't bring that show up....that show creeped me out as a kid

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... what?

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I guess.. yeah... that is...ok... sure... what? yes.

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God i love Snoop Dogg. Dude truly doesn't give a fuck. He'll put his face on anything from kids games to porno.