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Update: the costumes are no longer exclusive and the game will be delayed another 5 months.

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Seems like a good way for parents to participate in gaming with the kids I guess...

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I demand Ratchet & Clank outfits, Marcus & Dom outfits and Atlus & P-Body outfits!

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These outfits will enhance the game experience.

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Now you can pretend that Nintendo did something completely different with Super Mario Bros.

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You get those Mario and Luigi outfits out of my Rayman RIGHT NOW!

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Sorry about that delay folks here are some costumes - UBISOFT

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Nintendo should have found some way (read: payed them a LOT of money) to keep this exclusive. I feel like this is one of the titles that were it exclusive, would make people have a lot less apathy towards their Wii U, and would probably contribute somewhat to the sales. Not that I want it to be an exclusive, I mean, there's no way I'm buying one anytime soon, I just think it would have been smart of them to do so.

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This makes up for the delay 100%. I love character costumes more than I love my kids.

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People still being snarky about the multi platform thing....... I GET TO PLAY IT ON MY PC... oh wait :( FUCK SACKS

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For a trailer about the Wii U version it spends a lot of time reminding me why I don't want that version. I want to fucking jump about!

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@sunbrozak: But Atlus and P-Body aren't PC exlcusives! Maybe a Warcraft character or something...

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THE reason to own a Wii U!

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Did anyone else notice that they misspelled "world?"

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That's actually kind of cool.

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@vlodd said:

Did anyone else notice that they misspelled "world?"


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Hey! You got your Mario in my Rayman!

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Just hoping for Spawn and Heihachi on my platforms.

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Just release the fucking game already!

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All that touch stuff is supposedly rather awkward on the other platforms (maybe sans PC) so if you're getting it on a console you should get the Wii U version.

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Just release the fucking game already!

Not until it's on every other console as well lol

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I recently got a WiiU and have been Torn about whether or not I should buy that version, or just get it one of the 3 other ways :/

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"Interact with the wolrd"

I'm not even sure what that means, game.

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This train wreck is the slowest ever but I keep tuning in

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So is this payback for everyone who didn't buy the first game? Just trailer after trailer torturing people until the game is released?

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Read the title as..Law suit....

I was like "what in the fuu...."

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There's something really weird about this news.

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@generic_username: It would have been waaaaay to much money. Think about the amount of sales Ubisoft can make on both the PS3 and Xbox 360 compared to how little sales there gonna make on the Wii U. This exclusive is just to make sure people with Wii U's buy this game on the Wii U and not on another system. For Ubisoft its probably a waste of money no matter what making this on the Wii U. Hopefully for Nintendo's sake this Christmas season will be easy on them.... but i'm doubting it.