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Posted by ikabubu

huh... it's rayman

Posted by IesuNoel

Rayman... Yup, it's him

Posted by Sjupp

I like it. Although that blue thing wasn't in the first games, or am I wrong?


Fuck yes!  I was crazy stoked when Ubi announced this. I can't wait. Rayman -- definitely the best platformer ever.
EVEN better than Mario! Yeah, I said it, sue me.

Posted by Ramyun

A thingamajig....that made me cringe a bit too much. But hey I love Rayman.

Posted by TheSmilingDude

The Blue guy is Globox, there's a character page for him on this site, he first appeared in Rayman 2. So it's not a -new- friend..

Posted by TaliciaDragonsong

I think that blue dude is Globox .
I like the art style, hope it turns out to be alright, platformers rock!

Posted by CharkeeFarlee
@SPACETURTLE:  expect the papers in the post...
Aah who am i kidding?!
Rayman > Mario
Posted by apertura

Globox isn't new, Vinny.

Posted by Suigyoken

Awesome, I can't wait for it. That's all that needs to be said.

Posted by Ignor

I really dig the art and the whimsical nature of the Rayman games.

Posted by MeruFM

Rayman 1 level design and art style was so impressive. The later ones never lived up to it. I'm glad they went back to 2D but the new art style is still just not doing it for me. 
Also waiting to see what worlds are going to be around; Picture City in the 1st was just so imaginative and interesting all around.

Posted by JeffGoldblum
@TheSmilingDude said:
" The Blue guy is Globox, there's a character page for him on this site, he first appeared in Rayman 2. So it's not a -new- friend.. "
Well this is an origins story and they are meeting for the first time. So to Rayman this is a new friend.
Posted by skrutop

I like it; good first impression.

Posted by arcadmix

Ah, Rayman! Good trailer, looking forward for more info on the game.

Posted by Hutzebraedl

No one is more authentic than Rayman

Posted by Vigorousjammer

finally a new 2D Rayman game!
let's hope it's as good as the first one.

Posted by soralapio

I absolutely adore the art style. Can't wait to play this!

Posted by spartan1017

hell yes!

Posted by RobotHamster

I will be getting this.

Posted by Whiskeyjack

Much cooler than I was expecting.

Posted by CyleMoore


Posted by simian

Is it just me or is Ubisoft becoming more and more pretentious? Maybe my sarcasm blockers were up but first the first part of that video I was wearing my "Are you serious?" face.

Posted by skudfisher

Lots of really cool/beautiful looking 2d platform games being announced this year. Woo!

Posted by NME

Looks really interesting. I've got a Yoshi's Island vibe from it.

Posted by samsaturday

That looks pretty great.

Edited by OneKillWonder_

I've been waiting for a new Rayman game for a long time, and I was really happy to see this announced. I thought maybe Ubi had forgotten about the series. The trailer is quite impressive. I'm really looking forward to getting this.

Posted by PjotrLeschenko

Oh hi there Rayman, the poor-mans  Dynamite Headdy, okay not all of his limbs are separated, but at least he had no neck for a REASON, not like Rayman...

Posted by Manburger
Also, YES! Oh man. Looks awesome! Love the dopey and fluid animation. 
Globox hangs off ledges with his teeth! I larfed.
This'll be raaaad
Posted by MarkWahlberg

Limbs are for squares.

Posted by SumDeus

Finally, another good Rayman!

Posted by Alphonzo

I like the look of this.

Posted by DrPockets000


Posted by Tordah

Oh man, it's been ages since I played a Rayman game. I dig the look of this one!

Posted by Kung_Fu_Viking

It's been a while since a proper Rayman adventure so I'm excited for this!

Posted by FunExplosions

Looks good.

Posted by Olivaw

This was the best part of Ubi's insane conference.
I am pretty stoked to play another Rayman game!

Posted by MeatSim

It's the year of the 2d platformer. 

Posted by fisk0

Now THIS is the kind of game I'd love to play with some 3D capable device.

It would be so awesome to have all the parallax scrolling layers with real 3D depth. In 3D games it only becomes an distraction, but in 2D games with 2D gameplay I think it could be incredibly beautiful.

Posted by Wes899


Posted by Globox82
@Wes899 said:
" Globoooooooooooox "
that guy stole my username ;P
Posted by Hyperfludd

Yesss, this was just an incredible reveal on Ubi's part. Definitely saved the lackluster conference.

Posted by CitizenJP

Love it. :D

Posted by MjHealy

Man, I love me some 2D Rayman. Looking forward to this.

Posted by Catolf

this game... is very... slap happy. XD
I've never played a Rayman outside of the Raving Rabbids so I'm excited.

Posted by snide

Really looking forward to this one. One of the only games that's really caught my eye so far.

Posted by tuque

I've been uninterested in Rayman for so long that I almost didn't watch this video. I'm glad I did, because now I'm stoked!

Posted by Siris

2D Games are comin' back! Hell yes!

Posted by Kazona

I don't remember Rayman being this weird. Still happy to have another real Rayman game.

Posted by mostman

This looks fantastic.  I'm glad they had the courage to make a game like this.

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