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Posted by 88Fingers

What system is this coming out on?
UGH! I hope it's not the friggin' Wii.
This looks amazing, I love 2-D hand drawn animation.

Posted by MattBodega

Man, I love me some Rayman. Can't wait for this game!

Posted by habster3

Fuck yeah!

Posted by rottendevice

Did I just see a vuvuzela? 

Posted by Shiro_Shishi

I so want this game. Thank you!

Posted by Jost1
@Hutzebraedl said:
" No one is more authentic than Rayman "
Posted by Roger778

I have never played a Rayman game before, but I might decide to get this one, mainly because it's wacky, and it's got beautiful 2-D animation that's also quite colorful.
Posted by Coombs

 I'm am picking this up for sure
Rayman kicks ass and this looks just as silly as I want a Rayman game to be

 Oh rayman you silly pervert
Posted by SkinnyBlue

Nice, love Rayman!
Posted by fox01313

Hoodie on Rayman looks strange but art style is interesting.   
Have to admit that is probably my favorite new technique (around 1:30 in)  to use on nymphs or babes in general. Just need a solar powered fan.

Edited by CpgamerX

Interesting unfortunately i don't have a xbox 360 (I not getting ever) or a ps3 (if i win one from a competition or prize draw then great but i not forking out £££ for one) but i want the game from the first trailer of rayman raving rabbids that 3D platformer rayman with the attitude from rayman 3: hoodlum's havoc and beside that i know that the controls could use the motion plus (for those kool with motion like me ), classic/pro controller or may even the gamecube controller (ur lazy alternative, seriously u really want ur thumbs to do the talking?!). I LIKED THE MINIGAMEs UBISOFT BUT u didn't have to make the rabbids literally take over!!!! i want my Rayman 5 (seeing as 4 was raving rabs) with maybe a story and to push the wii to it's limits! No doubting the wii Potential. Ur ORIGINAL MASCOT WAS RAYMAN SO GIVE THE SPOTLIGHT BACK TO HIM!!!!!