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Posted by Griddler

*cough* First *cough* excuse me
On topic though, enough with the light-gun games.

Posted by Dirty_Harry

I do not have a Wii

Edited by Armor42

*ackhem* second (EDIT: fail)
srsly, enough already

Edited by Darkstar614

This is a light-gun game? It doesn't look like one at all!  And I'm not just saying the resemblance isn't there... it like literally is not a light-gun game... what?
Reminds me of the old ps1 RE's

Posted by IceColdGamer

This looks somewhat...Familiar?

Posted by Crushed

Uh... this is a video for a Wii-release of Resident Evil 0, not Darkside Chronicles.

Posted by Darkstar614
@Crushed: So that's what it is... now it all makes sense.
Edited by CriPPleR

Umm that is RE 0 for WIii not  The Darkside Chronicles. Wrong video?

Posted by Kombat

Uh, this is for the Resident Evil Zero Wii port.
Not Darkside Chronicles.
Brad fail.

Posted by Kombat
@Turbo_Toaster: If you'd paid attention to the ending of the video, you'd see that this is Resident Evil Zero.  Giant Bomb has this posted as being for the wrong game.
Posted by Griddler
@Kombat said:
" Uh, this is for the Resident Evil Zero Wii port.  Not Darkside Chronicles.  Brad fail. "
Come on now.. we all make mistakes.. Just see the third post.
Posted by Turbo_Toaster
@Kombat: Yeah I gathered that.
Posted by Kombat
@girdz: Yeah, I know.  I just get a little more fired up when people are so quick to jump all over game companies like that when it was this website's mistake for posting the wrong video.
Posted by monster9999

Loolol big GB fail its ok we forgive u

Posted by Erik


Posted by Kouerson

@Kombat said:


Posted by brocool


Posted by Griddler
@Kombat: I was kinda talking about Brads mistake, but yeah that too.
Posted by fjor

LOL GB wrong video wrong title :P

Posted by ArbitraryWater

HAHAHAHA. Nice Job Brad. You posted the RE0 Wii trailer by mistake.

Posted by Yummylee

Lol err wrong RE game 
Non the less, most pointless port ever...its cheaper just to get the gamecube version and even so it probably controls better too.
Posted by FlamingHobo

This trailer reminded me of the cinematics in Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare, that's not a good thing.

Posted by fwylo

I think its the color scheme of it or something but its looks are taking away from the horror experience it seems.  Like they took the graphics from ff 10 and tried to make a horror game out of it. The characters are just too bright i don't know, not sure about it.

Posted by Turbo_Toaster

These posts are hilarious.

Posted by ajamafalous


Posted by Griddler

God guys... It was an honest mistake, not the end of the world.

Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN


Posted by eroticfishcake

Slime? Zombies? Bad voice acting? That definitly looks like a Resident Evil game alright.

Posted by Xeiphyer

This game looks like a total resident evil ripoff! LAME.

Posted by MeatSim

Well regardless I am not interested in another port or another light gun game.

Posted by SlantedRoom

okay yeah haha he get's it, funny. he posted the wrong video.. does fucking everybody need to comment on it and say the same exact thing? why does everybody on  this site always do that?
Posted by Danterion

RE 0, guys.

Posted by Brad

Sorry guys, dropped the wrong file into the video receptacle. Fixed now.

Posted by Reverseface

Jack krauser  my favourite RE character even tho he only appeared in RE4. Glad to see him in this. 

Posted by ashbash

Strange, there's no shooting at all in the video!

Posted by AjayRaz

thanks for fixing it brad. trailer looks alright 

Posted by Yummylee

Got the right video up I see =P
Posted by Video_Game_King

You got your Team Fortress 2 in my Resident Evil :P!

Posted by Stonyman65

Boring.  Another Light Gun game?  Give it a rest.  The graphics where fugly too.

Posted by Satune

They had me.... Until all the weird alien guys were walking about.

Posted by Knives

That was a pretty epic trailer. Hope the game turns out alright.

Posted by glasswall52

Yeah, that does seem kinda weird that this was such a long "light-gun" game trailer and not ONE shot was fired! I guess it's still pretty early on in production. Also, maybe it was because I was steaming it on 'low' but I thought the graphics looked surprisingly good to the Wii's standards, at least the outdoor environments, but I could be wrong.

Posted by Bones8677

$10 says none of that was in engine.

Posted by lukeyk

Am I the only one who noticed that your friend at the beggining of the game, got zombified and grew ginat claws and was attacking you?
Posted by TeflonBilly

Ugh, another light gun game?
I absolutely hated Umbrella Chronicles, couldn't they have worked on making this a facsimile of RE4.
I mean, the Wii handled that game beautifully and they seemingly have the environments and character models ready to do something akin to it.
I'm not saying they can just hit a switch and it will just put control over Leon and game will be set, but making this like RE4 would be oodles better. Hell, it could almost be a system seller when you think about how mindblowingly fantastic RE4 is.

Posted by Joey2683

Posted by Waffles13

This actually looks decent.
I may possibly need to dig my Wii out of wherever the hell I left it...

Posted by Daftasabat

 "House of the Resident Evil Crisis" (possible future title he he) looks good, played  the 1st game and enjoyed it. We need more Wii games like this (at least games for an older generation), enough with the party games, we have enough!!

Posted by Willy105
@Bones8677 said:
" $10 says none of that was in engine. "
It is. Give me that $10.
Posted by Tricky69

What a waste of the Resident Evil universe.
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