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What the....Damn you and your first FunkyStudent! You're behind the fog, aren't you?!

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Yes I am cracka, and to save Yukigo u have 2 solve my riddle BITCH!! Yea-yay.

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man i LOVE that uppercut

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get to da choppa! mercenaries mode is always fun. hope there are no crazy chainsaw men that jump over ladders then wait at the top to chainsaw your head off. (bad memories)

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Funkystudent - LOL
Definitely this game is going to be great! Yea-yay ( like Vinny does)

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He melees those hologram combo multiplier things real hard.

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I haven't been following this game one bit but whhaaaat? it has a real time inventory? absolute madness!

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is GiantBomb going to be one of those sites with the assholes that keep saying FIRSTOMGOMG!! in every single video?

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Krenor,who cares?I dont pay attention to that posts and they dont bother me

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This mode isn't online co-op tho only splitscreen, that totally sucks. -_-

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is GiantBomb going to be one of those sites with the assholes that keep saying FIRSTOMGOMG!! in every single video?

No, it's more one of those sites where the review comments are filled with ass-kissing, and over-familiarity when addressing the review crew. But hell, most/all vidya-gaem sites are like that/become that. I digress!

I feel it's kinda lazy that that level is just one of the areas in the game. It's even in the demo =/
I wouldn't mind if the area was really well designed, like that opening village in RE4 that was a Mercenaries level, but I didn't really like this. I hope that 1. There are more levels in this than in 4's mercs, and 2. that they're all freshly designed.
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Fat African dude, what?!

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I like how he just sprays Lysol on his face to get health back.

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Well, that was a really BIG FUCKING HAMMER!!!

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Black people!!!