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The Mission's Over

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I love mercenaries mode!!!!!

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Sheva is way less badass than she seems.

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@badgerT: lol yup you got first comment, good job bud.

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God I want this game right now.

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awwwww snap! it's funky student!

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Funky Student!!!

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this look like RE 4.5, lol. the only thing better is the graphics.

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Mission overs. stop killing the zombies right now!

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Hey Fitty, hit that big ass Ramp!
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FunkyStudent is just too damn awesome to stay in persona4.  he had to come out and drop some knowledge on some fools that can't count to First...  yay-yeah!

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i love the resident evil series(the 3rd is my favorite ps1 game) but after seeing videos and previews i am pretty sure it will get no more that 4 stars because, well this isn't scary and i think the cpu controlled sheva and active inventory will get in the way

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Please delete your account.

Anyway, this game's looking pretty good so far.

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I would rather have had Jill Valantine, but guess they needed someone with darker skin to be politically correct...RE already have enough characters to choose from, why else create a new one? I hope Jill or Claire is in RE6. Jill's turqiose tube top from RE3 will be an unlockable of course now in HD^^

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Yes yes!

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Sheva is hot

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looks really good and nice pacing.