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Posted by Sylinder

Looks nice

Posted by MooseHead

Awesome. Can't wait.

Posted by Serker

Looks racist

Posted by dtran1212

wow, that looked really good

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Posted by BawaTheGamer

wow. So many gb videos at once. I like. Theres something about Gb's video player that works great for me.Even though i have a slow net it loads way faster than youtube of GS or Gt videos. Awesome.

Posted by Double0hFor

thats a trailer? :S

Posted by CleverLoginName

Little extra spin there at :29, kinda made me giggle.

Posted by OneEyedNinja7

I wish the animations and such were more different than its predecessor

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Resident Evil's got the graphics, but L4D has got the gameplay....wish there was a mix of both!
Still, this will be awesome~

Posted by Junpei

The shot gun looks nice and powerful but the machine gun looks like you'll burn through ammo without getting too much done... worth playing either way though.

Posted by Kiemoe


This games prolly gonna be good. So yeah.

Posted by slowpantz

not much of a trailer

Posted by CptChiken

serker be quiet... i tierd of hearing how "racist" this game is.
its not racist... its a GAME. Christ

Posted by super_mega_guy

I think he was kidding, but I know what you mean. Some people made SUCH a big deal about the game being RACIST??????? Wtf? The game isn't even close to being racist. Funny thing is, the people that said re5 is racist, were racist themselves. They said they would be more comfortable if you kill white people in the game instead of black.

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Posted by starmane

Why Do it make that "skit" Skit" sound each time somebody is shot