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Posted by ArbitraryWater

It's Greg!

Posted by Bourgeoisie

Didn't Greg use to work at Gamespot too?

Posted by var_glad

it's Greg! awesome. But it's sorta wierd that Jeff makes it look like they didn't know eachother from before, the bombcast gave the same vibe :P

Posted by angelangelv2

This is great, all the awesome people from GameSpot.com are coming together. :D

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:D Greg~~~!!! So that's where he went off to when he left GameSpot. Now I'm more interested in this game!

*just finished watching: Well, I find this game... very out-dated :| Falls down to 'build massive unit and charge' gameplay which has been C&C series' core "strategy" for the longest time. This vid actually got me more excited at EndWar...or World in Conflict.

Posted by Afroman269

GREG! Damn its been a while!

Posted by HAMrik

It's been a LONG time since i last saw Amer.

Posted by Smitatoe

personally i love the red alert series, the command and conquer series in general actually, looks interesting, nice to see Greg again, and i agree Var Glad, he acted like he didn't know him, odd 

Posted by Geno

Nice to see Greg and Jeff in the same room again :)

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Nekonari: Actually, victory is not determined by size, but by the ability to manage units, their place, abilities and powers. If you charge with a massive spam force, you'll be obliberated by counter units, if you play against someone who has enough experience to scout you out. So, it's quite similar to WiC and Endwar (Rock-paper-scissor), but less limited.

Posted by ManMadeGod

Nothing is worse then a franchise that gets ruined by sequels but it looks like this game is sticking to its roots.
Looks great, I love the co-op play! Every game is better when played with other people.

Posted by johnstca

Any hands-on with the 360 version yet?  Do you know what the control scheme will be like-- similar to Kane's Wrath maybe?

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so glad to see greg back on camera

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I miss Greg, his game reviews were always pretty comprehensive.

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I loved RA2, I'll probably get this some time next year.

Posted by MeatSim

Greg's making a awesome looking game.

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I think the deal with Kasavin just shows that Jeff still has a stick up his ass about GameSpot.

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Kasavin did an interview with Gamespot too. :D

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Haha, Gemma Atkinson

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What's the drawing of the dude smoking with the dog next to him?  A top-secret project?

Posted by Cubez

Awesome video nice to see Greg again, can't wait for this game.

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It's great to see Greg again he always did great reviews when he was at GS, i remember his 12 hour Oblivion marathon ,  I wonder if anyone at giant bomb would do that for a game it would be cool to see.

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Great to see Greg again, I like listening to him he's very erudite. I'm not interested in the game but I enjoyed watching to see what he's been working on. I think Jeff didn't allude to their previous working relationship at Gamespot in the name of professionalism. Greg is on the other side of the fence now.

Posted by Dane

I'm Greg Kasavin's biggest fan!!!!! I'd go gay for him. (not kidding)

Posted by TekZero

Greg is my hero.   I'm happy to see that he's finally doing what he loves instead of just writing about it.

Posted by JJpenguin

Lol "Greg kasavin, nice to meet u"

Posted by FuzzYLemoN

I love Red Alert 3.
I love Co-op.
I love Quick Looks.
I love Jeff.
I love Greg.
I love Amer.

Therefore, this is possibly the greatest video ever made.

Posted by 01wilsonj

Its always nice to the old team back together, Gamespot lots all its old greats :)

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yup, ra3 still good!