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Posted by MeatSim

The Monarch and his henchmen went with a more corporate look I see.

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@sammo21: Surprise Remedy is making a 3rd person shooters

@pol4icy said:

Easily my most anticipated next-gen game.

Posted by lostn

It looks like a heavily scripted cover based shooter.

Posted by bybeach

Sam Lake looks and connotes weird to me. But I will be focused on anything Remedy makes. They have proven to me they have Vision. How it translates to a game that appeals, I will give them the chance, and I won't necessarily find fault if it misses for me. I enjoyed Alan Wake, though I discovered that was limited to one play-through. Max Payne was outstanding.

Posted by fetchfox

@meatsim said:

The Monarch and his henchmen went with a more corporate look I see.

It would be awesome if they gave a nod to the Venture Bros Monarch. I can see him go big, though not without Dr. Mrs. The Monarch running things behind the scenes.

Posted by Sammo21

@bigjeffrey: Sarcasm aside, this is more about a development studio that can't grow more than being surprised. Video games are more than just pretty graphics, which it seems they are only focused on. Hopefully this one won't take years to come out like Alan Wake did only to be kind of a let down.

Posted by AURON570

I like the lady.. I think she's cute. *mumble* >.>

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English with a French accent is my new favorite way to hear about video games. Something about the inflection, emphasis, and pronunciation seems perfect here.

Well Sam Lake is Finnish, but I guess you're entitled to like French accents if you really want.

Thank you for the correction. That's twice this week I think I've been 'that American'.

Also, sorry if I pissed on anyone for mixing the languages up.

My country is somewhat ashamed of our accent. Glad you like it.

Posted by core1065

Cutting through all the buzz words... So, its a 3rd person shooter with bullet time. Yes, real revolutionary indeed.

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It looks nice, maybe....probably...I guess I need to see it in action. This sort of game hinges on how they present the story and game play . You can have a nice premise; stopping time & moving people, things, actions around; but if you muck up the story or screw up the narrative of how the story is feed to the player the game will disappoint.

This seems like a game that has a lot of "outside" factors that will make or break it. "Let's see what they can do with this idea" is my response.