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Posted by AngeTheDude

I fucking love Sam Lake's accent.

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Oh, hi Max.

Edit: Wait, the corporation's name is Monarch? Godzilla confirmed!

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If Sam Lake speaks, I listen. Simple as that.

Posted by flasaltine

Is the TV show going to a low budget thing you watch through the Xbox or is it going to be on an actual TV station?

Posted by hans_maulwurf

Man, I'm glad Sam Lake only sells Remedy Games 'cause I would buy EVERYTHING from the guy.

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@flacracker said:

Is the TV show going to a low budget thing you watch through the Xbox or is it going to be on an actual TV station?

The episodes are on the game disc, you watch them like chapter breaks between chapters of the game, they change based on your actions in the game a bit and inform the action you play in the next gameplay chapter. I don't know if they are going to air it outside of the game, it's only been announced for the Xbox One I think so far unless the show gets packaged up and sold to a network or something.

Budget has little to do with quality, Remedy has basically been making tv shows since Max Payne and this is exactly the same thing that they've been doing, just amplified a bit so it's a proper tv length, they do great stuff. Whether it's on just the Xbox One or elsewhere has zero bearing on it's quality, is what I'm saying... TV lives outside the actual TV these days with lots of it being only streamable via netflix or youtube or in some form or another).

Posted by LevelUpAdrian
Posted by Jedted

I guess MS will at least mention this at E3 seeing as it's their own big exclusive. Probably see a lot of it in the opening press montage.

Posted by SmokePants

Man, I need to go play Alan Wake again.

Posted by IcyEyes

@angethedude: Hell yes! He will also always remain real Max Payne.

Posted by Itwastuesday


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I'm pretty sure the TV show will be terrible but full of effort, I'm so down for this.

Posted by Shaanyboi

... did they do a bunch of ADR for this? The lip-sync seems really off.

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He makes me uneasy

Posted by Benmo316

I don't know about everyone else but I'm getting annoyed and burned out on these games being announced 2 years before they release along with the inevitable delay announcement. Imagine how great this E3 would be with first-time announcements like Quantum Break, The Order, The Division, and Witcher 3. And we would only be waiting a year and the hype could continue all year instead of fizzling out.

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If Sam Lake does the VO for every character in the game I'm in, otherwise... eh.

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Everytime I see him I think he's Max Payne. Then I'm reminded that Max Payne is modelled after him. Mind bending realities!

Also: I fking love Remedy!

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@benmo316: I'd rather know a game is coming and then possibly buy the console it's on after it's had a long, healthy development and thus higher quality. The other option is having a game unveiled late and possibly be unfinished or rushed from needing to be out when they said it would be.

Super psyched for this game! I also love how Remedy does these little videos from time to time to let us know what they're doing and when they'll be able to show the game off next.

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still bummed we aren't getting Alan Wake 2. I really liked that game. So far haven't seen enough Quantum Break to be interested in it yet but I have a feeling when its all over I'll probably be playing it. Not sure what to think of the live-action stuff. There is a lot of potential there for it to be really god-aweful.

Posted by CairnsyTheBeard

Did anyone see the live action stuff they showed last year? I thought it looked pretty bad :( I will trust remedy to get the game right tho

Posted by PlasmaMachine


Posted by Nashvilleskyline

I can't believe the attitude here...come one guys. It looks phenomenal.

Posted by VoshiNova

Just announce Alan Wake 2 already. A game that well written deserves a sequel.

Posted by csl316

Given Remedy's history, if Quantum Break looks good it'll be the other game to sell me on an Xbox One (along with Halo 5).

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@xyzygy: I do like dev diaries (or whatever you want to call them). Knowing how a game is coming along is helpful to the consumers, that I don't have a problem with. Waiting to announce a game one year prior to it's release is better than two or three years prior to release, in my opinion. Just because we may not hear about a game doesn't mean it isn't coming along great.

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Kind of disappointed that this game is coming in 2015, but, I would rather have a great game that got delayed than a rushed game that is poor. I have faith in Remedy so here is hoping this is great, I loved Alan Wake.

Posted by Cybexx
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Monarch? Really? The butterfly is even yellow! I look forward to the boss battle against 21 and "The Fluttering Horde"! Originally the main charecter was Brock Samson but... Brock kicks too much ass which made the game really easy!

Posted by djou

This game is suffering from the exact thing that is happening to Destiny. I have no idea what it is. The gameplay seems like the same old 3rd action game, but they are promising all the live action TV stuff without explaining any of it. They are banking on the idea that this is a "Remedy" game just like Destiny is a "Bungie" game but that does absolutely nothing for me when the actual game looks generic as hell.

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Yes, father?

Posted by LibrorumProhibitorum

Teasers for trailers.

Posted by deskp

is the hype level there for this game? this seems like the kind of video you would make when the game is extremely expected by people? I havent notice peoples tone towards this game being all that...

Posted by Phoenix87

Now that looks cool and interesting.

Take notes Watch dogs.

Posted by Lyfeforce

Sam Lake creeps me the heck out, y'all.

Posted by oldenglishc

Did he say the main character's name was Chack Choice?

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Coincidence, or subtle marketing ploy to get me to call their new console the XONE? I'M NOT FALLING FOR YOUR TRICKS, MICROSOFT!!1




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Is this the start of Microsoft realizing that all the awesome voice stuff, tv stuff and I don't know what else on the XboxOne is totally useless in most of Europe, and are throwing us a bone. "This game is going to be shown at Gamescom guys! Fuck yeah Europe! Please buy the XboxOne."

Probably not, but that is a serious issue that I hear no one talking about. Is the EU market really that small? I thought that part of the reason the PS 3 caught up as much as it did was because it did so well in Europe. Think about how useless you feel the Kinect is, then remove the TV integration and put the voice recognition back six years, you can start to imagine how useless that thing is over here.

Anyway, game looks cool. I wish Remedy never got tangled up in the exclusive publishing business.

Posted by LarryDavis

@djjoejoe: I'm not sure about this. That's what I thought too, but then they keep talking about it like it's a separate thing. I don't even know anymore.

Posted by Dan_CiTi

Looks literally just like Uncharted but with time manipulation and the show gimmick.

Posted by Palaeomerus

Nobody's going to report on EA closing Mythic?

Posted by moregrammarplz

An ecchi modern TV series, you say? Onegai...!

Posted by Fram

I would turn for Sam Lake.

Posted by Wandrecanada

This seems like a front company for the Sneak King. Imagine how much easier surprising people will be with time freezing powers!

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You can't stay mad at this guy. If he told me he ran over my puppy I'd be okay with it, I could tell people Max Payne killed my puppy.

Posted by sadsadsad

Nobody's going to report on EA closing Mythic?

In other news: Future plc, owner of Pc Gamer, Edge, CVG sheds 170 jobs after $50 mil loss.

Posted by mattimus_prime

this sounds awesome its kind of making me lean towards xbone rather than ps4.. i dont know if i will ever get either though i love my pc i feel like i would never touch a new console

Posted by Undeadpool

@icyeyes said:

@angethedude: Hell yes! He will also always remain real Max Payne.

I had a little giddy freakout at that moment in Alan Wake. It was so perfectly set up.

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