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:D cant wait

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Damn I can't wait. I can ignore the old controls for this awesome story!

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Damn Wesker.  Shouldve capped him in r e 1.   Was that jill at the end?   Hm...

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looks orgasmic

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Is that Jill at the end, omg i hope it is. Wesker what badass

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     Finally, a trailer that really shows off the storyline of the game.  Go to 1:30 to see a fool I can't wait to cap.

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If it's not Jill, it could be Claire...

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Hard-to-get-used-to controls aside, I'm still really excited for this game.  Those different segments of actual gameplay looked awesome!

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Lake monster v2. just adds to the long list of reasons I'm getting this game day one.

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After all the whining of how the controls aren't like gears/halo, its good to have a game that has its own identity in its gameplay as well.

Not every game needs to be gears like, otherwise it'll all be the same and boring. Duh

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Looks good. And the graphics on this are absolutely amazing.

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I know quite a few people who are pretty "meh" about this game but I don't see their problem, it looks dandy to me. As soon as you say hey it's gonna be like Resi 4 with better graphics I'm on board.

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Maybe that guy is a winnie Mark Hamill.

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I can tell you why I'm "meh" about this game. I love the premise of RE to death, but the gameplay is pure garbage by my standards. The RE 5 demo hurt my perception of the game a whole lot. In that first chunk, you can survive by literally running around in circles from ground to rooftop, brushing right past even the axe dude, while each of his swings takes out some of the zombies all the while. I can't stand games that create tension just by giving you no ammo to kill enemies you outright have to kill to continue. Awkward controls, in a game where one wrong move can mean half to all of your life bar just dissapears.

Yes, the graphics are beautiful, just like how RE 4s graphics were pretty awesome for the time. But somehow, after owning both the gamecube and wii versions of the game, I have yet to make it much past, like, the 2nd chapter. I thought the wii aiming would alleviate my most major problem with the game (not being able to hit shit, back when I had a much smaller TV, mind you), but it didn't in the slightest.

I acknowlege that this game may well be a great evolutionary step up from how revolutionary RE 4 was, in theory, but I also can't get past the fact that this game just isn't for me, no matter how much I want ot love it.

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i think the hooded figure at the end is either jill (unlikely) or Sherry Birkin (Probable)

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I am totally pumped all over again for Resident Evil 5.  The music used sounded like it was in Star Wars, but it worked well

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If Claire hasn't already been seen in footage, i hope it is Claire.

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Freaking awesome!

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Controls make this game unplayable.  I'm not getting stupid for the hype.

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I see the a James Bond villainess managed to make the cut.

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If thats claire under the hooded robe then that will be CRAZZZZEEE

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dude, he totally has a lightsaber!

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That's it: I'm getting this game.

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Damn. That looks Amazing! I can't wait for RE5. RE4 is still one of my faverite games ever. Top 5. So more of that is just great.

@SoothsayerGB - The you obviously havent been playing any of the other RE games. The controlls are different and stuck in the past but they are not at all impossible. After you play it for an hour or two then you are totally used to them. The action in the game isn't that fast that you need better controlls.

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Yay! can't wait. Have my CE pre-ordered at Amazon, gotta finish up RE3, Veronica and RE4 before it comes.

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Dude, I dont care about the controls this game looks awesome
I have neveer been a huge RE fan, but this is looking amazing
Can't wait

Also what's with Capcom lately, they are getting more awesome every day

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Wow, looks epic!

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@ AndrewB

I know how you feel.  There are games out there I just can't play through, no matter how much I like the characters or want to know the story.
Personally, I can enjoy a game like this, but for me the Metal Gear and Final Fantasy games have been no-goes.
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This game looks great, I cant wait to play it and unearth more of the awesome RE story.

As for the whole control argument: The 'tank-like' control has been apart of charm that makes up RE. To contrast, most RE games before 4 had similar control features and you were able evade the foe's attack as long as you knew how to. The controls in 4 were similar in many ways, except now instead of actually conserving ammo your encouraged to fight the undead and use it, yet the option to evade still remained. From what I've played on the RE 5 demo, the game seems like a mixture of controls between the original perspective and RE 4's perspective. Evasion is easy in the game, but get hit and your life goes down quickly... I think that is a good balance to such a game etching the title 'survival horror' onto its gameplay style.

I can understand the argument about control, but it seems that the breadth of that argument has spawned out of comparisons to other 'shooters' or even comparisons to the original RE games. For the first comparison: While this game has a variety of weapons and a 'decent' amount of ammo it cant really be classified as a straight out 'shooter' akin to Halo or GoW, and people looking for similar controls are clearly looking in the wrong place. For the second comparison: It is of my opinion that the control scheme has changed very slightly over RE games, with the latter ones offering a greater degree of freedom as far as movement. The difference in the more recent ones is that the perspective has been changed and you are given full control of where your shots land, but that control is given to effectively take out one of the undead with a few precise shots as there are far more undead heading your way.

While I could turn this into an essay on my personal view on the controls and how I think they are a plausible 'feature' of the game I think I'll just stop there and let my 2 cents sit on the counter a bit.


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i didn't see a light saber but i heard star wars music.

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i heard some dude on here say something about sf4 along the lines of:

"this video causes instant pants tenting."

i'm going with that on this one too..  its maybe not sf4 epic level yet but its looking quite rad..  

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Looks awesome. Can't wait to get my hands on it. And I think that that capsule thing the white guy was hold toward the end (ish) of the trailer is what they thought was a lightsaber.

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The game does look pretty interesting, but I guess I'm just one of the few who aren't really excited about it. To be fair, I was never very much into the Resident Evil games, so there's no reason that I would've just developed a love for it.

I might not be "hardcore" enough for the controls of this game, but it's just not really my thing.
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I love how people are complaining about controls.
I just flip the controls to RE4 mode and I'm all good.
I couldn't get enough of the damn demo, so this is gonna be a joy filled time of gaming for me

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im calling it right now.......that chick (the one in the cloak) is either clair redfield or jill valentine

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The only good thing of this whole trailer is the Star Wars music. Lol this game really sucked in my mind.

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the music reminded me of star wars for some reason.

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Capcom is awesome at making cut-scenes.

If only the story told in the cut-scenes were of higher quality...

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I seriously hope Chris gets Wesker for good this time although the thing that he gets injected with sure seems to make that a whole lot harder. It's funny, because he was already super human in Code: Veronica; super fast, super strong, so what more can he become without becoming that tentacly ugly thing...?

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Omg.....I think I just cam in my pants.

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Star Wars music much?

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Yeah because you never actually saw who it was, i'm lead to believe that thats either Jill or Claire under that mask. Any ideas who else it could be? Ashleigh? Maybe recaptured by a different terrorist group? haha no idea if thats even possible but ah well!

b xx

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That guy in the suit on the boat... I swear he's voiced by the guy that voiced Rattrap in Beast Wars.

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The story looks...intriguing? I am certain it will flow with the game very well, but I am still confused. Nonetheless, those graphics are amazing. I am getting this one Day 1.

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More then likely the char at the end is Sherry Birkin from resident evil 2

brainwashed pumped up and ready to go :P
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