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Just beat this game, it was awesome! now I need to get all the unlocks...>_>

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Still not sold ... pass

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Just because, someone's gonna do it eventually, despite Brad being bearded for a couple months now.

Posted by Rudy
This game looks so amazing.  I only wish they'd allow players to aim and move at the same time :(  I just couldn't seem to effectively control my character in the demo  :(  In the end no matter how great the graphics and story if the controls prohibit me from controlling my character effectively then it's a deal breaker for me.
Posted by Obienator

I have to say Giantbomb has some of the best videogame video reviews in the biz....I love you guys.

Posted by Steve_C

I was disappointed with the demo, but having the game on friday it took half an hour to get used to the controls.
I completed it earlier today. I love the game.

Posted by FlappyHands

Hahahah, loved the ending. Definitely gonna pick this up.

Posted by TheNostalgicGamer27

Damn, i'm just not used to Brad's beard

Posted by Hector

Not sold....I will rent it though.

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great game

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     This game is phat.

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spider :(

Posted by JaxDaxter

Brad what happened at 0:26, voice seemed to go a little bit higher.

Posted by Aaox

Still debating whether to get this.

Posted by RHCPfan24

Good review, Brad. There might have been a few spoilers in it though...yikes.

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Whens is the PC version coming out???????????????????????/

This game looks AMAZING

Posted by JoshuaN

Thanks for actually reviewing the game and not trying to turn it into a politically correct PSA.

Posted by Geno

Great game, great review. It's finally nice to see someone review this game that a) doesn't start crying about racism and b) doesn't give it an absurdly low score because it didn't revolutionize the genre.

Posted by Meteora

Nice review Brad. The game looks pretty good.

A lot of times we have to step back and reflect on how great a game is. Sometimes we get too caught up in the hype and extreme expectations from every game.

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Haha, nice ending. I'm sure Jeff doesn't like that.

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I'm getting RE5 this week! Great review, Brad - and Vinnys editing rocks as always. The ending was funny :D

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Boooo at pervy salesman gone

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Great review, might pick this up.
Thanks Brad

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So far .. my bro and I love this game. Get it!

Posted by Gearhead

I must say, I don't mind the controls. At least the AI is built with these in mind. Also, ending was priceless.

Posted by lemon360

LOL the ending was fucking hilarious!!

Posted by spilledmilkfactory
dcpc10 : this game is far from boring. it's actually one of the best paced games i've played in recent memory, and (as usual) the demo doesn't really do it justice.

this was a great review. i especially agree about the graphics, as i'm continually floored by how good this game looks even 4/5 hours in. plus, i lol'd @ the ending.
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Loved the spider scene knowing you hate spiders XD

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I think NOW might be a good time to collect RE4 on the wii in the bargin bin before going on to this...

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Wow, spoiler cutscenes from 75% through the game :P

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LOL nice ending, vinny.

Posted by MetalGearSunny

This review reminds me so much of the MGS4 review....

Posted by Brackynews

Gesticulating Brad.. gesticulates well. ;)
I have to rent this soon.  Not gonna slog all the way through it until the summer though.

And one thing I'll say is the parasitic creatures are cool and all when they split in half, but are really not any more impressive than those in the original Parasite Eve.  Those PE rats are still nightmare worthy.

Posted by iamcool388

If I dont know much about the story, and havent played any of the previous Resident Evil games (Except a little bit of RE4), would I still be able to get the gist of the backstory, and follow along with whats happening in the game, or will I be completely lost?

If anyone could answer this question, it would be a great help to me. Thanks!
Posted by Lassegp

LOL that spider stuff scared the heebee jeebees out of me :D

I wonder: Is Brad the coolest reviewer IN THE WORLD wOOOOt!!!!

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The beard still lives!

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What're you buyin'?

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The last spiders bit must've been at Jeff's request!

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that ending was hilarious
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I can't believe Brad came! Bring back Kevin, Rich, and Alex, and I will die for this site.

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I creamed my pants... JUST FOR YOU BRAD!!!

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Nice ending...

Good review...

The controls just felt way too awkward for me in the demo, and I just can't see myself getting into it.

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@ dcpc10

You look boring.

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Great review as always.

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My wife overhead Brad talking as I watched the video review and said, "That sounds like Tom Brokaw."

There you go, Brad. The voice of the greatest generation.

So you got that going for you. Which is nice.

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hahaha good ending

Posted by MeatSim

Capcom better make up for the lack of mysterious merchant in this game with a mysterious merchant business simulation game.

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I was semi interested until I played the demo... this is a pass for me.  Wonky controls.  

Look at the boss near the end of the review... seriously... just chug away on the gun and... what?  The character movements are stiff stiff stiff.  
Posted by JunkanooPunch

im currently playing though this game, and I def recommend it, so much fun co-op.

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on March 15, 2009
"Still not sold ... pass"
yup im the same... not at all interested in this game..