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And apparently Ashley!... Yeah!... Right?

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Jimmy was a race car driver.

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this looks pretty good

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Who was that guy with the shaved head and the scar?

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Looks fucking great, I'm sold already. Pure insanity. Zombie president, Ashley, Leon Kennedy. So down with this.

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Haven't even watched the trailer but the video description alone makes it sound like the greatest thing ever.

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Leon will be in the RE4 style, Chris in RE5 style and Ashley and the other guy will be the co-op.

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Nolan North?

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President Evil

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Laura Bailey and Troy Bakers getting paid.

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HD Leon looks even more hunky than before!

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Was that... Nolan North?

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Lots of stuff happening. 

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SHIT IS DOPE AS FUUUUUUUCK. I didn't think I could legit be excited for RE6 but... fuck a better looking cover system and the return of Ashley Graham? Sold!

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They show of the whole game in that trailer :p

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Looks pretty great actually although...

Leon half: woohoo, survival horror and creepyness!

Chris half: Call of Evil: Resident Warfare

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Your right hand comes off?

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I've never had any interest in the series and this game doesn't look to be trying to change my mind.

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wow long trailer for an announcement... I like it!

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Is that Mitt Romney...Also, Troy Baker

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ehhhh, if it doesn't control like ass anymore i might be interested but I don't know if I can do another RE game if it controls like 4 / 5

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Looks god damn amazing. The Zambies is back!

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Started off so well but... I hope it's not co-op.

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Amazing. im sold. so japanese but so many western touches. have capcom managed to do it. Have they finally reached the 21st century.

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Motherfucking Leon

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Also both Leon and chris in the game automatically makes this goty… sorry bioshock

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I'm pretty excited for this.

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Get to point ACE OF SPADES! *cue Motörhead song*

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This trailer is fucking EVERYWHERE. I was on board for the first minute when I thought RE6 was going to be about Leon going around and killing presidents that have been revived as zombies, but I lost the plot around the time when... well I can't describe it because I don't know what was actually happening.

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color me fucking excited.

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@Alphazero said:
Was that... Nolan North?
Troy Baker. 
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They lost me at, "Mr. President, Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!"

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Looks like a ton of fun, haters gonna hate though.

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Love Resident Evil 4 and 5. Really looking forward to this.

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Kanji Tatsumi is gonna tell those zombies to get bent.

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If Capcom can describe RE6 as batshit crazy. I AM SOLD!

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Leon still needs a hair cut

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I seen this trailer, looks neat. Now to avoid all footage until release.

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I have never been so excited for a game, and to note that they're now broadening the gameplay styles with survival-horror rooted towards Leon's story, all out third person shooting with Chris, and even a little bit more cooperative shiz for the Troy Baker, is outstanding. I just want to fucking preorder this thing already!


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They showed a lot for a first trailer. I can't say that I'm interested yet. If they don't change the way the game plays at all, then I might skip this one.

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I don't know what the hell was going on there. Third-person cover based shooter, survival horror, zombie brawler, Vanquish sliding. Shit looked like two and a half different games rolled together. Not to mention I've no idea wtf is going on story wise.

Whatever I just watched though: it. looked. awesome.

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Looks great! I do love me some Resident Evil.

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Is that ashley and then rebecca chambers? Or is that ashley and then ashley wearing a big coat?

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You can move while shooting! This is madness, good madness.