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Posted by NXH

Looks like you'll be able to run and gun in this game. Capcom should of had that in RE5 at least. The whole stop, aim and shot tactic is a bit out of date for video games lol.
Is it me or does the music for this trailer sound similar to the sountrack for the first RE movie?

Posted by ComradeKhan

"What the hell is going on here?"

Posted by Eyz

Looks like previous RE spinoffs, I'll also miss this one :/

Posted by Hansolol

I'm pumped.

Posted by lhaymehr

Always wanted a RE2 FPS/TPS. Tho I doubt this will deliver even remotely.

Edited by kamiboy

Hey, Capcom, Konami, how is that overseas outsourcing strategy working out for you again? What is that, like gangrene? Alright, why not let it continue to spread, I am sure it'll get better by itself. 

Posted by Yummylee
@baconbits said:
" Why would they be after Leon? Isn't he just some nobody cop who was late for his first day of work? "
They're not after Leon specifically. They've been sent in as the clean-up crew, to assassinate all survivors and to cover the entire situation up and make sure it can never be revealed as to how it all happened. 
This is all completely non-canon anywhoo, so it doesn't really matter.
Posted by Mumrik
@Olivaw said:
" I don't want to be negative, but what looked like gameplay footage in this trailer looked like a Left 4 Dead 1 mod.  Dark and rainy and foggy nights in a city map with a gas station. Where have I seen that before, I wonder. "
Ah, so I'm not the only one who thought "what the hell is this shit?"...
Posted by ImperiousRix

Color me interested. 
And Resident Evil isn't something that evokes any kind of interest in me.

Posted by VicRattlehead

the only positive that can be taken from this is that its an spin off game and not resident evil 6

Posted by PhantomGardener
@Scooper said:
" This does look fairly interesting. What has Slant Six made before? "
SOCOM: Confrontation, SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 3, SOCOM: Tactical Strike.
Posted by Rek503

I'm part of the few that actually really liked Resident Evil: Outbreak 1 and 2. If it's anything like that I'm sold.

Posted by gamb1t

I dont like the trailer. The movement of the people felt cheap. So far im just stoked for the HD remakes over this.

Posted by Daftasabat

I thought the Resident Evil franchise was "Left 4 Dead".................ahem

Posted by MeatSim

So they made it like Left 4 Dead.

Posted by Ben99

is this a remake ? 

Posted by Devil240Z

Slant Six does good work. Confrontation was a good game despite the negative press. I Put over 200 hours into it thats gotta mean something.  
I wonder what kind of game this is gonna be. Third Person Shooter I hope. like Socom with Zombies. 

Posted by MasterXell

If I had to guess, I would say it will probably play along the lines of Left 4 Dead. Possibly first person, but more likely it will be a Third Person play.

Posted by Trifork89

That trailer was fucking retarded...
Posted by csl316

Racoon City is the only RE event I care about.  If every new game in the series just retold RE 2 and 3 somehow, I'd be set.

Posted by EPGPX
@Trifork89: i agree. They kept flashing the game's title in it for some reason even though we already know what's it called.