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I like the bit where he flies into the exploding boss near the end.

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It's no Brothers! Am-I-Right!?



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Yeah, this'll be a day 1 purchase

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Reso should be on the soundtrack. And his dubstep gun.

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Day One!!

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SSHD was so much fun.

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Doubt it, there's been too many dual sticker shooters by this point for me to get excited about one.

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The flying back and forth kinda reminded me of a game I played a bunch as a kid, and I finally went out of my way to look for it since I didn't quite remember the name of it.

Turns out it was called Cybernetix.

My god, that music!

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Pause at 0:58.

Resøgun, right? Even more awkward than Resogun.

Wow what's that game honey? Oh this? It's called Resogun. Reso-what? Are you sure you're not getting ill honey?

@sooty said:

dual sticker shooters

I prefer the ones where you can upgrade to shoot three stickers at once.

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Housemarque means I'm in regardless as they're one of my favourite small teams ever but this also looks amazing!

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I freaking love Super Stardust HD. Can't wait to get my hands on this.

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I don't know, this game seems... "cheap" isn't the right word. Inconsequential? Like everything could use a little more punch.

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Yeah, I'll have some of that.

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Eye fucked

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I thought I heard that this would be free with PS+. Which fills my Geometry Wars slot in November, hurrah.

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My eyes!

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Super Stardust HD wasn't a launch game, Patrick. It came out the summer after launch.

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Like how Super Stardust was basically just Asteroids on a sphere, this game is just Defender on a cylinder?

It'll probably be pretty damn awesome though.

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I am way into particles.

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This is looking sweet.. Super Stardust HD was some of the most fun I ever had on the PS3!

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@csl316 said:

I thought I heard that this would be free with PS+. Which fills my Geometry Wars slot in November, hurrah.

Yes it is it will be a day one PS+ free game along with the PS+ version of drive club

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The quick back-and-forth, and the spinning all combined to make me a little nauseous. Weird.

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It looks great. I cannot wait to play it. I feel that it'll scratch a Strikers 1945, Einhander, and Raiden top down shooter itch.

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This needs to be played on the most insane sound system imaginable.

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Man, I need to find out the name of this song. Hopefully it's not just some generic stock music Sony pulled out of somewhere.