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If you don't have anything to say about the video, why leave stupid-ass "First!" comments?

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Haha, looks actually cool.  I love compilations, and these "original" games look like they can hold their own.

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Man this looks awesome. I might buy a DS now.

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I hope to someday live in a world where people don't find the need to comment "first" every time they are first to a story.

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LOL I loved the line "Never to come again"

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I heard this was an RPG but it looks more like a collection of original games. I wanna know how those original games interact with the RPG part of it.

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The games are older then me, but man that was some FREAKIN AWESOME TRAILER MAN!!  I would like to thank the dude/lady who made this trailer.

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megaman is in it i saw