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Alternate costumes and that same, doofy grin? Zach, I think it's time we actually PLAYED Deadly Premonition instead of just watching four other duders play it.

Posted by Spiritof

If I can put everyone in alt costumes, I will play this game again.

Posted by Lind_L_Taylor

Where is the dang sequel? :_( Nextgen Consoles?

Posted by Aarny91

So... when's the Endurance Run starting?

Posted by HellknightLeon

This game.... was... so.... fucked.... Do I need more? Maybe... DON'T JUDGE! Its my body and I will... oh shit that ending just popped into my head... so fucked...

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fuck i need to get my ps3 back for this.

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"Enhanced Graphics."


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I will play this, drink coffee and watch Twin Peaks all next month

Posted by development

What's up with this "enhanced controls" bullshit?

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I love how the new content looks like its just displayed in a brighter color then the other content.

But the graphics and controls were never the great part about the game, and nether was the story really. It was the atmosphere Which was blatantly ripped off from Twin Peaks, but you know what, it shouldn't have taken 20 years for someone to rip off twin peaks into a video game.