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first. sorry quest completion.

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Love this game

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Nice. Definitely on my list.

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This looks, not good.

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Fuck kickass. Mafia fiction FTW <3

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can we please get an open world game like this where you are a cop in the 50's and you have to bring down the mafia? would be so much more interesting at this point. i am SICK of playing the bad guy protagonist trying to change his ways, but killing another 1000 people before he can start his new life. major frickin' yawn.

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Second time this was posted.

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Anticpated this game alot. Can't come soon enough.

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The Olive Garden: When you're here, you're family.

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@Gouglas said:
" Second time this was posted.   http://www.giantbomb.com/mafia-ii-goes-boom-boom-boom/17-2137/  0_o "
I thought so!
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@Jayzilla: I kinda agree with you.  Not necessarily in the 50s and/or this franchise (it's not like we're swimming in games set in the 50s), but I'd certainly like the next GTA game to have you playing as a cop, even if he's dirty.
It's kinda weird that we don't get more cop games, considering how popular police drama is elsewhere.
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Has it really been eight years since the release of the first game? I can hardly believe it.

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Awesome!  Cant wait for this!

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Bring on the J.L. Hooker!

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This trailer looks so bad.

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Looks pretty badass, still can't wait~!
Voice acting is still a little bit off though. I don't feel like the characters fit the voices too well.

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Let's just hope there is something to do in this game.

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The protagonist kind of sounds like Leon S. Kennedy.

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The game looks pretty cool but everyone who has played it has said it just plays really bad.

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The game looks pretty awesome, I just hope the mechanics hold up, and it gets released. 

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Did i hear LA Noir was coming out this year? This trailer looks good'n' all and i liked the first Mafia game but i'm more curious to see what Rockstar does with that era.
A cop game? do you get a "your fired!" screen if you don't fill yer pull over quota; game over? I dunno, i just imagine a sandbox cop game to be kinda pointless.

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Loving this, and with this game as well as LA Noire, I'll have the whole set when it comes to 40s/50s open world games, the mafia and the detectives, yeeeaaaah! Now I just need more 60s/70s open world games and I'll soon have an even more massive game collection XD

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Game doesn't look bad, I guess.
Well, it kinda does, graphically, anyway. But the gameplay might turn out good!
Story isn't doin' anything new for me, though. At least so far.

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@TheSmilingDude said:
" Bring on the J.L. Hooker! "
Yau, can't go wrong with John Lee 
Game pre-ordered long time ago
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This will be the game that The Godfather and, especially, The Godfather II, should have been.

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@Gouglas said:
" Second time this was posted.   http://www.giantbomb.com/mafia-ii-goes-boom-boom-boom/17-2137/  0_o "
thought I had already seen this
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Even though it was put up before, it's still awesome.

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While the game will probably rise or fall with the quality of the cutscenes and presentation, this trailer is fantastically cut and the music is great.

Now just let me use the Mafia1 music and i'm sold.

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Why did that guy dye Tommy Vercetti's Hawaiian shirt red?

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holy shit look how much they cut around the TERRIBLE lip syncing.
jesus.  wow.

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Can't wait for this game!

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Looks pretty. I hope it's as awesome as Mafia was.

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I was just listening to that song on the radio and was thinking it would make a great montage.

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might have to pick this one up

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Looks nice.

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@Jayzilla: Good point, dude. Open world sounds like a bad ass idea. I would love being the cop.
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Loved the first game - great graphics and gameplay. Hope this sequel can match it...

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Cool I guess...

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So painfully pumped for this game.

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i didnt like the first game at all but i have a feeling this will be awesome

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interesting, Graphics looks real good. 

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eh i don't know when they first revealed it it looked awesome now not as much.  The graphics def went from awesome to just ok so idk what to expect here.

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This looks fantastic, graphically really good.  I really loved the first Mafia, even with the depressing ending and all...cant wait for this

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this does look cool. and the voice acting and cut scenes look really well done. CRUCIAL to a game like this, so i have hope.