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I still think Link looks like a girl.

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The Eyes of Smith

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@NakAttack said:

I still think Link looks like a girl.

I find SS Link by far the worst Link character design to date.

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Must've read the "coming up" wrong, cause I was expecting a quicklook.

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Good job patrick, fair and honest review

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Great video review Patrick! Also, awesome ending :)

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I liked this much better than the written review. Sucks I have to wait another month to buy it. I'm broke. Great job, Patrick.

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Good video review. Will really likes Zelda it seems.

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Stealth review post, Pat's first solo video perhaps?

Very interested in this game

Oh Vinny, you and that ending

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Aaaaaand Vinny nails the ending, as always.

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@AlwaysBeClothing said:

Pat's first solo video perhaps?

This comment gave me bad mental images.
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Haha will cum face, fucking hilarious.

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Patrick's first ever video review! How sweet!

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This looks weird.. Is this how most Zelda games look?? NOT saying it looks bad, just unusual (haven't played a zelda game since Link to the Past)

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Interesting, Patrick's first video review.

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Great review Patrick. This is why I come to Giant Bomb, you guys give everything a fair shake and aren't afraid to speak your minds.

I'd still love to see a Zelda game with voice work done for all the dialogue. Text boxes are kind of what I expect from handheld, arcade and indie games these days, not so much triple A console games.

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Not much longer till I get my copy. So close!

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Awesome first review Patrick, loved the Will Smith cum face at the end!

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Will's cum face, brilliant. I feel proud to have contributed to that.

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Awesome, Klepek getting into the video reviews. Haven't finished the game yet but so far, yeah at least 4 stars. I don't really have a problem with the exclusion of a quest log since there's never that much sidequests active at the same time. And the upgrade system seems neat - it really adds to the adventuring theme. ADVENTURE POUCH!

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Does the background music feel a little too quite in the video to anyone else? Usually you can hear it pretty well but at times during this I felt all I could hear was Patrick's voice.

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Why does Link look like Justin Beiber?

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Game does seem genuinely fun.

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Great review patrick. Now i just need to figure out if i want to get a motion plus for just one game XP

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Really good review. Now to pull myself away from Skyrim, Rayman, and Assassin's Creed to play some Zelda tutorial!!!!!!

.........or not.

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Great review, I'm super glad Patrick addressed my only significant issue with the game... A lack Will Smith.

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Sounds great.

I've held off on buying a Wii for ages, because most of the games I wanted for it would have played better without motion controls (I'm looking at you, Mario Galaxy.) Twilight Princess was a Gamecube game anyway, and was ported to Wii, so I at least got to play that.

Maybe if the WiiU is appealing, this will be something I buy at launch to tide me over until real games come out.

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Great review Patrick. Not sure if I'll ever get a chance to play this the whole way through since I don't own a Wii and don't have enough incentive to buy one.

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Great review, thanks.

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Yeeeeeeeaaahhh... but imagine how much better it would look with a silky smooth framerate, high resolution, and anti-aliasing!

Well done Patrick, the game sounds like the realization of what Nintendo wanted out of the Wii. Though I suppose what they've already got from it is just fine by them (boat loads of money).

And that music. Specifically the tune around 1:00 and 4:00 and the plucky one immediately following. So good!

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Will Smith completes me....

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Maybe weird criticism...well not really criticism, but I liked the video review. Well done. Already knew the exact tone and details from podcast + written review so no surprises there, but good work on the presentation.
When is Will Smith registering? He knows he has to tell his neighborhood about his indiscretions right? It's the law.

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Great review Mr. Klepeck.

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When this game was first announced, I thought I'd be really excited for its release. I loved Twilight Princess--it really converted me on 3D Zelda games. But now that Skyward Sword's finally out, I feel almost no desire to play it. It's kind of weird. I just feel that I'd rather spend my 40 hours in something like Skyrim or Battlefield 3's multiplayer than playing Zelda, for whatever reason.

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I've been playing it the last couple days and I don't really have the same problems as Patrick, but I think that's mostly because we play games differently. I'm loving it more than any other game I've played so far this year, though, for sure.

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Patrick needs his own cartoonification for reviews.

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This guy is really good at his job!

dont really care for the game tho

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Oh my god that ending.

I love Giant Bomb

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Nice one, Patrick! :)

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Great review. I think you managed to get the point across better here than in the written review.

Either way, the game looks like a treat. I was firmly in the "I don't think I need to play any more Zelda" camp. But damn if it doesn't still look like fun. It may take a few months for me to get around to it, but I look forward to playing it. I've come to the realization that I don't even own a motion plus adapter/controller of any kind ><

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I agree 100% and fuck the hater Patrick you're the bodacious!

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@McGhee_the_Insomniac said:

Why does Link look like Justin Beiber?

Better question is, why does Justin Bieber look like Link?

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Great video review. Maybe even thinking Patrick can teach Jeff a thing or two about hand gestures and articulation.

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@Terrents said:

Great review patrick. Now i just need to figure out if i want to get a motion plus for just one game XP

Well, there's always Red Steel 2! (before Skyward Sword, this was the best reason to get a Motion Plus)@TheHT said:

Yeeeeeeeaaahhh... but imagine how much better it would look with a silky smooth framerate, high resolution, and anti-aliasing!

I have not heard one complaint from anywhere about the framerate.

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I'm happy he didn't experience easily solved technical issues like that Gamespot reviewer.
I'm sad it wasn't Xenoblade being reviewed. Come on NoA.

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@AlwaysBeClothing: @Cornman89:

How do you know it's not made by Joey or Drew?

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@Anwar: the person who uploads it usually edited it.

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@Benny: Right, I know that too... Didn't look who uploaded it this time for whatever reason :S

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Nice review, Pat, but you need some damn 5-level cartoon approval avatars if you're gonna rolling out reviews!