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F1 - could be fun. . .also - pit girls.

Posted by bkfountain

I hope codemasters shows em how it's done...

Posted by Colin

Please be good!
Posted by Rickty

Havent played one of these for about 8-9 years, would really like to put my toe back into the F1 scene!

Posted by Will

I cant believe that these types of games still get sold, wonder what region that they get enough sales for the developers to continue making them.

Posted by Levianth


Posted by SolGer360

by looking at this vid it seem like they are taking a lot of the good parts of dIRT and GRID but more simmy.  i really loved those games.  i'm a forza fiend so i hope this turns out good.  no realease date? 

Posted by Jeknod

Wait, maybe you can...

Posted by fedorajay

That was pretty crazy. I didn't think they would go that in-depth with the world of F1 racing. Watch what you say to the press? In a racing video game? Strange.

Posted by reddin

I really hope this is going to be good, I haven't played a F1 game in a long while. I only came back into F1 this season really, so a nice F1 game would be nice to have alongside my newly awakened interest.

Posted by pickassoreborn

I hope Codemasters can recreate the Ferrari team's "special orders".

Posted by BetonneTom

they actually got me mildly exited for an f1 game, kodus for good marketing when i see it  
@will: sure it gets sold! especially because of the incredible shortage of sim racing on the ps3!  
plus f1 is big in europe.  

Posted by Sham

I've never been a big racing game fan, but this looks interesting. I'll probably give it a go.

Posted by IronScimitar

I hoping for a demo.

Posted by Mijati

Definitely going to get this game, a huge F1 fan

Posted by ShaneDev

This looks very good, I might buy.

Posted by BrickRoad

I'm a huge F1 fan, and have more than a couple of F1 games, so can say with some certainty that providing this game reviews well, I'll add it to my list. It's a shame that once again an F1 game will come with terrible human models. I don't know why they always look so poor. It'll be interesting to see if you can still get from last to first in one straight though, like in the old games.

Posted by XenoNick

Got quite high hopes. If anyone can make an amazing F1 game its Codemasters.

Posted by babblinmule

Oh F1, how i love thee.
Please be good....

Posted by Who_Dat

i don't know if there is a big market for this type of game especially because of games like gt5
 oh wait i just remembered gt5 is never going to come out can't wait for this game.

Posted by Mordebir

I love F1

Posted by Rutger_Strahd

I so much want a good F1 game!

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@IronScimitar: CodeMasters have confirmed there will be no demo of the game due due to licensing issues of a unfinised game, so you know who the blame; The FIA. 
Posted by vaportra1l

Yeah I hope my race engineer calls me during the race and asks me to pull over for my teammate.  A1 realism right there.
Regardless I will be buying this day one unless it's garbage, which it doesn't look like it is.
Think it's coming out next month..

Posted by asdfghasdf
@vaportra1l said:
" Yeah I hope my race engineer calls me during the race and asks me to pull over for my teammate.  A1 realism right there.  Regardless I will be buying this day one unless it's garbage, which it doesn't look like it is.  Think it's coming out next month.. "
Haha. In the unlikely event that that does happen, I'm blatantly going to ignore them and totally lose my cool when speaking to the media. I wonder if the media side of things will get repetitive, though. I mean, surely there's only a finite number of questions the game can implement?
Anyway, I'm liking what I've seen so far. Codemasters has a solid track record, so I'm definitely interested in it.
Posted by RiotBananas

This neither excites or angers me.

Posted by BrewLegend

Looks boring

Posted by Grandprix

This is the first F1 game I've been interested in getting since probably Grand Prix 4 on the PC.
Posted by Hockeymask27

Looks awesome. Been wanting an F1 game since F1 on my n64. it will be   Interesting if Montreal track is in or out.

Posted by shadows_kill

sweet f1 game. codemasters are the right people for the job... now im hoping for a IRL game..

Posted by ArmedBear

I hope Lightning McQueen is in this.

Posted by Kontrapunkt

Man this looks exciting but... Their mouths aren't moving :S

Posted by MrAriscottle

I haven't played a F1 game in a while, and this is looking good.

Posted by EVILfunkster

I wish Bizarre Creations still made these.

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I think this is going to be good fun. Its not going to be a hardcore f1 sim so if you looking for that maybe wait until Rfactor 2 comes out.  
For what i have seen in the trailers and Dev diary's it looks like CM has found a perfect balance between arcade and sim racing. There is going to be something for the conservative sim racer and some for the open minded newcomer. Also the visuals is probably going to be nice since it uses the EGO engine that Dirt 2 and Grid used and those are good looking games i think. 
Edit: One person asked if there is going to be a demo and the answer is No.  
Edit 2: An other compared this to GT5. These two games are so far from each other. You cant compare any road car to an F1 car

Posted by Falconer

I hope this game turns out well. I reeeally like racing games and F1, so I'm looking forward to this. 

Posted by dagas

99 % of people watch F1 for the crashes...

Posted by VincentVendetta

I don't really like the Dirt/GRID color palette in this game. I understand those games, but this? Really? How can it look worse than a race I'm watching on my HDTV (again, talking about the color palette)

Posted by Jon_Danger

Been waiting for the next Codemasters racing game.  I haven't played many F1 games, but I am very intrigued, and totally want to jump into the genre.

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@grossblood said:

" seriously hate those british songs where they just talk the songs with accents "

What do you mean?
Posted by gunslingerNZ
@dagas: Made up statistic is wrong... 
They've definitely captured the look of F1 with this game but I really hope they've got the on track action right as well. While I appreciate being given guidance on setup for different tracks I'd still like to have the freedom to mess it up completely if I want to. 
Also I'm not too sure about the emphasis on off track action but it could be kinda interesting if they gave you RPG style dialogue trees for the press conferences. I'd have my driver say "for sure" no matter what the question was.
Posted by thealexray
@ErEl said:
" @grossblood said:

" seriously hate those british songs where they just talk the songs with accents "

What do you mean? "

Yeah, American bands never talk-sing
Posted by Rasgueado

This is a series I feel bad about not having given a fair shake yet.

Posted by 2Crisis

No Juan Montoya no buy

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@bkfountain said:

" I hope codemasters shows em how it's done... "

Man I so hope Codemaster's show them how it's done,  I so miss that show, just hearing this music brings tears to my eyes, it's not the same without, "TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" RIP, always loved you, I would give you a £1000 just to make another episode, I like the fact only me and bkfountain know what we are on about.
Posted by Scenium
@dagas said:
" 99 % of people watch F1 for the crashes... "
Don't You mean NASCAR? :D
Posted by RBecho

Reminds me a lot of TOCA Race Car driver, only without the progression to F1. I do think that being an F1 game, it's nice that they spent more time talking about the stuff that isn't racing, because as every F1 fan knows, the race is just a parade.

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@dagas said:

" 99 % of people watch F1 for the crashes... "

No no you're thinking of Nascar.
edit: Darn, thought this would be a video I haven't seen. This is probably the game I'm most anticipating for fall, hope it delivers.
Posted by LutonHatter

Oh how I wish Codemasters make this a good game, after all the first games I ever played were Codemasters Amstrad CPC games. 

Sadly it is a F1 game which means it will be rubbish, I love F1 but there has never been a decent F1 game. It is a bit like Star Trek, the is a great game hidden in the concept somewhere but is takes thirty odd attempts  to find it.

Posted by Skorin

I do love racing.