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Oh no, what am I in for?

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Loving the E3 build up.

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Can't cover an E3 without a Luchadeer, duh.

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Someone shit on Dave...?

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That was amazing

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I love the background on the site right now.
and wow Dave got beat up.

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the fuck are you guys doing

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I would love to work at a place like this!

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Is that.... an X blades shirt?
Yes, yes it is.

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Somebody shit on the coa.... dave!?

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 This video smells like easter time.    
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this is what happens when Ryan is out of the office. 

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He looks pretty beat up, but he smells delicious.

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Getting covered in chocolate for a E3 video. Fulfilling. 

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Dave looks about 14 towards the end of this video.

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Dave IS the king

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Hilarity shall ensue.

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Haha, "A big shit eatin' grin" :)

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What the fuck are you guys doing?

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I think the eternal struggle between Dave and Luchadeer is entering it's next phase.

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What the fuck is going on?????

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Dave and his shit eating grin

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This can only mean good, incredibly dumb things.

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this is why we love Dave

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Well I can safely say I wasn't expecting to see this.
I like the way Drew just stood there and watched without saying a word.

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What the hell guys.

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I am so confused and intrigued.

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Best moment.
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The videos going up on Giant Bomb this week have been reminding of the end of 'Apocalypse Now' for some reason.

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Apparently Dave functions better during e3 if prepped with chocolate sauce.

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The hell?????

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I'm dying with the cliffhanger ending. What happens next?

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Wow the chocolate really does look better on camera then ketchup.

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I love Dave he's so uplifting

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Dave needs to be in more videos, he's hilarious. 

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What the hell did I just watch.

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What. The. Hell.

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I, um... what?

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what the HELL are they doing?! hahaha

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Chocolate Dave

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What? Oh, E3.

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1. What the fuck did I just watch?
2. Ryan has been away for a couple of days. Imagine what they would be doing at the office if Ryan left them unattended for a month or two. Madness!
3. I love these kinds of behind-the-scenes videos. Make more!

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This is THE most erotic video on the site, bar none!

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This should be good.

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Prepped?  For what?!
I'm going to enjoy finding out though, that's for sure.