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Cool, more Robin stuff

Posted by Humanity

Harley finally looked good at the very end of that trailer.

Posted by Animasta

alex you still have it don't let anyone say otherwise

Posted by JeanLuc

Ok this I'll buy.

Posted by Bestostero

soooo... what about Catwoman and Nightwing? lol

Posted by darkvare

mmm robin and harley quinn nah i'll pass

Posted by The_Nubster


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Looks good 
I forgot how horrendous the boxart for the GOTY edition looks.

Posted by onan

Christ, Robin! Dude already took a harpoon to the chest, you didn't need to flying jumpkick him with both feet, too.

Posted by Eribuster

Just finished Arkham City yesterday. Still have a lot of side stuff to go through, but I really want to get this new expansion too.

Posted by Napalm

So, is the joke that Batman's enemies never die?

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So more X and Y.

Posted by Foggen

So is this Dick, Tim, or, god forbid, Jason?

Posted by theveej

awwwe yeah, so down for this.

Posted by Viking_Funeral

@Foggen said:

So is this Dick, Tim, or, god forbid, Jason?

Tim? Nightwing is available through DLC.

Posted by Fearbeard

Awesome. This I'll be picking up... hopefully they do more DLC like this instead of just the challenge rooms.

Posted by Shaanyboi

Looks awesome!

Posted by zodstein

I hope Harley gets offed somehow, she's way more obnoxious than Joker.

Posted by chilipeppersman

this might inspire me to actually play arkham city now.


I'm really looking forward to this.

Posted by 2HeadedNinja

so, will this be on PC day 1? ... I could go for some more Batman.

Posted by TheBrainninja

@nesagwa: Gross, more Robin stuff.

Posted by Cubidog1

I hope it isn't 3 hours long. I hate DLC that short. Thats my main complaint with the Saints Row DLC. They each are less than 2 hours long. Also, I hope Nightwing has some part in the story. Either way, I still can't wait to play it.

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Man, I don't give Tara Strong enough credit:) I am constantly surprised by how good an impression of Harley's old voice actress - Arleen Sorkin - she does. You can hear her voice all over tv and games - Bubbles from Powerpuff Girls, Ben 10 (the first one), Timmy Turner, Rikku from Final Fantasy X, Juliet from Lollipop Chainsaw - but she sounds pretty different as Harley Quinn. All the voices here are excellent. I wonder if they got someone famous for Robin? Niel Patrick Harris did a good job as Nightwing in the DC Direct-to-Video Animated Under the Red Hood movie. He'd make a good Robin here.

Oh, and of course, Harley is still one of the hottest character designs in gaming today. Easy. Rocksteady has extremely talented modelers ;)

Posted by kindpixel

@RoyCampbell: Welcome to playing Video Games.

Looks great, can't wait to play it.

Posted by JayCee

Needs more Dubstep. And red type on the game cover.

Posted by altairre

I'm on my first new game + playthrough right now and the game is even more fun without the counter indicator. Really looking forward to this one.

Posted by zaldar

@ccampb89: Not good computer games really...consoles yes but really consoles...ugh.

Nice to see a dark Robin...haven't seen that before.

Posted by csl316

I'm guessing this is Tim Drake, right? Considering Grayson's in there as Nightwing?

I've lost track of Robins.

Posted by White


Posted by Sammo21
@Paul_Is_Drunk: The Robin in this is Tim Drake.  Dick Grayson is already Nightwing at this point in the game's universe.  I kind of hope Jason Todd shows up in the next game.
Posted by Nightfang

@Sammo21 said:

@Paul_Is_Drunk: The Robin in this is Tim Drake. Dick Grayson is already Nightwing at this point in the game's universe. I kind of hope Jason Todd shows up in the next game.

The only why they could bring in Jason Todd is by using the "A Death in the Family", "Under the Hood"and "Hush" storylines, witch you can't do without the Joker.

Posted by Sirico

Year One included awesome package!

Posted by Jack_Lafayette

For a second I thought Robin was gonna shoot that guy and I was pumped. Then it was a grappling hook. Oh well.

Posted by MariachiMacabre

Day one purchase. More of this game is a great thing.

Posted by ashleychittock

Loving the generic Inception BLAAAAARM ad music. Fresh.

Posted by Supertom11

Arkham City had a bad launch window. For whatever reason I just wasnt feeling it last Oct in between Dark Souls, U3 and AC:R. I'm playing through it again now and I'm enjoying it a lot more. Can wait for this DLC!

Posted by Nilhelm

10 out of 10? Not a very good name for a Batman game. They should change it back to Arkham City

Posted by budgietheii

Shame the Robin isn't Damian, would be great fun kicking arse as a little kid.

Posted by PhilESkyline

This is what Rocksteady should have done from the beginning.

I have to believe that this was added only after the outcry of fans since I think they said in an interview that there would be no story DLC.

Possible next game content released early?

Posted by kennybaese


Posted by kennybaese

@Foggen said:

So is this Dick, Tim, or, god forbid, Jason?

Tim? Nightwing is available through DLC.

It's definitely Tim Drake. I think he calls him Tim in the main game.
Posted by MeatSim

This seems like some DLC I would want to play unlike those challenge maps.

Posted by Foggen

@kennyshat: Cool. Arkham City is still sitting shrinkwrapped on my shelf since I bought it after Christmas and then fell into a pit of Skyrim.

Posted by TheSouthernDandy

As if I didn't need more reasons to pick up the GotY edition. Badass Robin is badass.

Posted by kennybaese
@Foggen Well, you should definitely fix that. It easily my favorite game last year.
Posted by phil87z

I'm in, more Batman is a good thing.

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@kennyshat: Also, one of the alternate DLC skins for Robin is Red Robin, and Tim was the first Robin to regularly use a quarterstaff.

I haven't seen anywhere, is this going to be kept to one district, or we finally be able to take Robin out into the full Arkham City?

Posted by Roger778

I decided not to buy Arkham City yet, because I heard there was going to some cool DLC for it. Now that it's included in the Game of the Year Edition, I'm on board.

Oh, and by the way: I'm so freaking excited for this game!!!

Posted by manbot47

nothing like a crazy awesome reason to dust off Arkham City and boot it up

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