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I'm all for pixels, but I'm not really into how that looks. On the other hand, it might be fun, so we'll see.

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lol awesome 

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fucking epic

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Will kill for gram crackers, ha ha, god I love funny hobos. It could be good, depends.

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I like the style, but zombies, pirates and ninjas? What is this, 2001?

Seriously, 2009 is the year of the motherfucking wizard.

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Looks sorta like a fast paced worms game to me.

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Looks like a flash game but I am digging it. "Will Kill for Gamerscore" at the end makes me hope that there will be easy achievements.

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Doesn't look bad man.

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Looks actually pretty cool.  Still don't own a console, though.

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EPIC!!! "WILL KILL for GAMERSCORE" FTW right at the end. LMAO

I am sold.

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@FlipperDesert   It is?  Oh shit, I better gear up!

"I put on my robe and wizard hat..."

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This kind of reminds me of Soldat and Worms.

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Those flying turds remind me of worms too.

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I like the style but I'm not convinced gameplay-wise. That's not to say it won't be good; it's just that I'll wait for the reviews to come in before making a purchasing decision.

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That is one sick art style.

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Awesome how everything explodes into pixels, that's how real life should be.

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lol this looks awesum! 

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Looks a lot better than most  xbla games out there, sort of a worms or liero style game, I sort of want it but.... not sure. I could just go play those games is the thing :P Might pick it up anyways.

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This kind of reminds me of the incredibly insane and totally forgotten game Xpilot, which was notable for having massive amounts of pixel shot on the screen.

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Isn't it kind of ironic how they talk about the pixel being king, and then show you a game using polygons?

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I wish this is coming to PC sometime, so I can mod it for more awesomeness.

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"I like the style, but zombies, pirates and ninjas? What is this, 2001?

Seriously, 2009 is the year of the motherfucking wizard."

As one of the artists of this game, I can indeed confirm there are also motherfucking wizards in it. But we just didn't want to focus on the whole Harry Potter hardcore multiplayer scene so we didn't put them in the trailer.

And you have deduced correctly that the "zombies, pirates and ninjas" bit was indeed a "joke" about 2001 and the giant swarm of zombie/pirate/ninja games!

Posted by Dion

Looks awesome!

Props to whatisvisceral.

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will kill for gamerscore!

Posted by Damodar

Destruction looks funky.

Aren't those technically voxels though? Or is my definition of that off? Or am I right, but if you said voxels, most people would go "whu..?"? THIS TRAILER RAISES SO MANY QUESTIONS!!

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@Dion: Many thanks for the props. I will add them to my internet-respect score :D Not trying to be sarcastic here, I really enjoy seeing people appreciate a trailer and a game I've worked on.

@Damodar: Technically, we're not using a voxel engine (I think, I'm not a programmer) so they're not voxels. And you are definitely right about most people's reaction to the word 'voxels' :P We used the word pixel as a reference to the old school nature of the game and our appreciation of 8 and 16 bit classics.

@Everyone who likes the "Will kill for gamerscore!" bum: Please don't start actually killing people for gamerscore. We don't want the cops to come knocking at our door or give Fox News a new scapegoat ;) We do not approve of murder. We do approve of Gamerscore.

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That looks amazing and reminds me of worms a lot...but with crazy looking explosions. :)

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This looks insane.