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No chord changes? Bummer...

Still as a introductory exercise seems neat.

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Why does this game sound so badass? If everything they are showing works like they say i'm definetely buying this game. hopefully loadings are not as bad as the first one though.

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I'm looking forward to this. I really had a good time with Rocksmith playing it both on the 360 and on Steam. Sounds like they've made a lot of smart design changes (adjustable difficulty, enter practice mode on the fly).

The problem with the game is it's high barrier to entry...$80 to get the game with the required cable and then, lets say, $100 for a cheap electric guitar.

It's only going to appeal to an extremely small audience but anything that gets people interested in playing real instruments is a good thing in my book.

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@ashler: The game has chord changes. Session Mode is just a glorified metronome to jam to.

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I'm on vacation that week, and there's a good chance that half of it might just be spent with this.

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Looks neat. And I already have the cable from the first game.

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@ashler: Yes there are, the bottom is what is recommended. You can even change the key to your hearts desire, or so I've read

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@eddy_cruzv: I remember reading the this game will have no loading times except for the initial loading at the start of the game.

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@sin4profit said:

The problem with the game is it's high barrier to entry...$80 to get the game with the required cable and then, lets say, $100 for a cheap electric guitar.

It's only going to appeal to an extremely small audience...

You're discounting the 1.83 million people who bought physical disk copies of Rocksmith for the Xbox, PS3, and PC who would ostensibly already have a guitar and a cable. Add to that the people (like me) that bought non-physical copies from Steam, and a cable from Amazon... The barrier to entry for all of them is the MSRP, nothing more.

Add to that total the (quite a few) people that have had a guitar floating around the house for years, unloved and unplayed, and the barrier to entry for them is just the game with the cable -

When you get down to it, even if you have to "buy all the things", the barrier to entry is fairly similar to what the barrier to entry was for Rock Band Bundles back when we all wanted to play plastic guitars.

A few Christmases ago (2008 or 2009?), I remember paying something like $330 for the game bundle that had one guitar, the basic drum kit, and a microphone, to which I added $40 worth of cymbals, and a second, nicer, guitar.

Today, that same ~$400 will get you the Rocksmith 2014 bundle ($199) that has the game, a RealTone cable, and an authentic Epiphone Les Paul Jr. ($129) included - and you'll have another $200 left over to buy a comparable-quality bass guitar... Rondo Music has 52, Guitar Center has 57, and Musician's Friend has 47 that are $199 or less - you'll probably find one you fall in love with... =)

A second RealTone cable so you can play in Session Mode with a friend or family member is under $30.

Seems like a pretty good deal overall when you stop and think about what we paid to play a plastic 'pretend' guitar just a few years ago, y'know?

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This looks extremely cool. For somebody who doesn't have the patience to play with other actual humans, this feature is very exciting.

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Matthew Lillard?!?!?

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So excited for this, I'm still playing the original.

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Hopefully a community jam thread shows up eventually. Curious if they'll allow you to record these.

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Personally cant wait to get the PC version of this game.

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I guess this means the first one is successful. It's rare to find a game that's designed for learning something.

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I hope Vinny does the QL for this one too. It was great seeing him with a guitar on his hands.

Also, I already pre-ordered this one on Steam. I loved the first one and, although it's the first time pre-ordering, I know it will be worth it.

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If I start doing virtual cocaine on the virtual backstage do my virtual bandmates join me?

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Holy crap. That's a lot of deleted comments.

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Going to pre-order tonight, can't wait. Hoping its improved on all the problems of the first game