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hello world  
edit: Is it normal to feel dirty after doing that?
Posted by FritzDude

Holy shit! Best lip syncing i've seen in a game.

Posted by Napalm

Those faces look creepy to me.

Posted by Aas

This is freaking me out!

Posted by 2HeadedNinja

faces look a little ... flat ... but those mouth animations actually are pretty awesome.

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Whoa.. It's been a while since I've seen anything about this game. 
Also, lip syncing is pretty good.

Posted by gunslingerNZ

Wow this game still exists. Looks pretty good too.

Posted by koolaid39

Looks kinda cool.

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This looks very awesome.
EDIT: Crap. I pretty much never get excited about games before release. This trailer is suddenly making me very interest. I don't want to be interested in something that could still turn out to be bad.

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Posted by The_Philosopher

About time.

Posted by jonnyboy

NIce, heard about this game ages ago, didn't know it was a Rockstar joint. Should have guessed really.

Posted by elko84

looks amazing

Posted by luce

This looks too much like a movie

Posted by jrodrz

Looks good, makes me think the gameplay will be like Heavy Rain. But knowing Rockstar, we can expect a sandbox game with a great story.

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This just went into my most anticipated game list, been watching this game for a long time.  This+DAII= good Spring 2011.

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The lip sync is amazing but there is some uncanny valley going on too. Have to wait and see.

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I hope the protagonist is a little more proactive... John Marsten and Niko Bellic just let people push them around the entire game.

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Is it just me, or does the lead detective in this look like a creepy CG version of Ken Cosgrove from Mad Men?
EDIT: Just checked and it totally is. Good on Rockstar making a semi-obscure dude recognizable.

Posted by TobyD81

That looks like the best-animated Ken dolls ever in a game. Impressive, and yet diving face-first into the uncanny valley. Still interesting.

Posted by Zzzleepy

Dude's throat is moving as he speaks at 0:54, has that been done in games before?

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Posted by Vendetta

Holy shit, it's Ken Cosgrove.

Posted by VanHammersly

Ken Cosgrove!

Posted by samsaturday

I can't wait to kiss those virtual lips with my Kinect!

Posted by adoggz

hmm looks interesting. is this the ps3 exclusive one?

Posted by Spooks

looks awesome, can't wait

Posted by MeetThePyro

Story looks very intriguing, hopefully it's not just a third person shooter

Posted by MediumDave

L.A. Confidential the Video Game?  Ok, that's pretty rad.

Posted by CptFishstick

OMG, that was really really awesome. I'm so hyped for this!!

Posted by Lazyaza

Damn that's some good lip sync.

Posted by Aeterna

Didn't pay any attention to this before.. but will now.

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Music is awesome. 
It's like MOH Allied Assault on crack.

Posted by natetodamax

Sounded pretty cool when I read that they're basically motion capturing all of the voice actor's faces so they can get realistic lip synching and facial movements. Now that I've seen it, it's incredible.

Posted by Blair

Expressions look amazing.  I'm in for sure.

Posted by _Phara0h_
@Vendetta said:
" Holy shit, it's Ken Cosgrove. "
Didn't see him as a detective type but he can pull it off, even dough it's only with his voice and some good animation.....
Posted by Red

Looks good, especially odd to recognize actors like Timothy Dalton not just from their voice, but their face in a game.

Posted by zakkro

I'll definitely be following this game...


No, you're thinking of Agent.

Posted by Sin4profit

the fluidity of the lips make the rest of the face look stiff to me.

Posted by ObsideonDarman

Awesome! Lip syncing looks really amazing.

Posted by Miningguyx360
@FritzDude said:
" Holy shit! Best lip syncing i've seen in a game. "
i think the lip syncing is so good because they took the audio while they where mo-caping. 
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This kinda freaks me out. Major uncanny valley.

Posted by Anwar

hopefully they will make the faces look better till release, that's all I have to say, lyp-synch and music is awesome, though. And still no info about the gameplay... Spring 2011without a delay? I doubt it.

Posted by Mumrik

Lip syncing, uncanny valley. Well of course, don't you guys recognize any of the actors? This must be pure mo-cap with models based on the actors.

Posted by DFSVegas

Was that Ken Cosgrove? If that's supposed to be the dude who plays Ken Cosgrove, I'm pre-ordering this YESTERDAY.

Posted by Swoxx

Wow, i wanna play this. Also, incredible lip-sync 

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Sweet. Still downloading the video but I know I'm hyped. That's never let me down before, especially with any other current-gen Rockstar game set in a city.
But seriously, after Redemption (fitting name) my faith in Rockstar has been restored.
edit: So this was this year's big fall Rockstar announcement. I was hoping for it to be RDR on PC but this is even better.

Posted by DrWhat

it's amazing how much rockstar gets better every single time.
i am really amazed. wow. yes.
side note: I always thought Chinatown was underwhelming. Looks like this will be the Chinatown i wish i'd seen the first time.