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I still can't figure out why some people are hyped for this. I see no reason to believe it will be any good.

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PLEASE be good! I like the "raid" bosses, That's a good style.

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Bigger bosses, check Painkiller or Serious Sam where they tend to be insanely large.

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Join out? Can you say that?

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That first guy does not talk with his hands much, looks kinda forced.

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Still looks bad.

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The concept of jump-in jump-out co-op is a tempting one, I have to admit. But I have to see more of the actural gameplay mechanics before I am sold on this.
Although I feel they are on the right path, I just hope they don't overextend themselves in their attempts to include all the different abilities and movement styles of the different robots.

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I want to be very unstoked for this game given the track record of Transformers games, but... FUCK YES!!
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Okay maybe the gameplay will suck but visually this game looks boss. That's a technical term.

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@HellBrendy: I think he meant "drop out."
Dude's a game designer, not an English major. :P
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Seems cool, I dunno!

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All hail Megatron!

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I see no reason NOT to be hyped up for this.

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"I'm a Decepticon at heart" 

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Each choice plays different...yeah as an Autobot, you shoot Decepticons.....As a Decepticon, you shoot Autobots. The future of gaming is now!

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All abaout choices... um like 2, like most games out there. But I must admit I have hopes for this game.

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@RVonE:  Revenge of the Fallen was decent, as in, it wasn't godawful terrible like every other Transformers/movie game (with the exception of Origins Wolverine)
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This game will be awesome.

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Giant Boss Fights. They sell games. 

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@Foggen said:
" "I'm a Decepticon at heart"  *rolleyes* "
LOL. So true.
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im gonna assume there's gonna be a trophy/achievement for playing both campaign 

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well if someone can make a great batman game i think  someone can do it with transformers

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I will be very surprised if this turns out well. Right now it seems like a very flashy UT3 mod (I know it's being made using that engine). The voice cast has me excited though.

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" well if they can make a great batman game i think they can do it with transformers "
High Moon Studios has made a Batman game? News to me.
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If they can make a good batman game, im sure they can make a good transformers game. Im just worried there gonna have a really shitty MP and its going to end up hurting the whole game because of so much focus on that.

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How many more trailers are you going to put out Activison? Compensating much or just trying to set a record?

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Robots are dumb. My computer can't even program itself. 
EDIT: sorry I felt compelled to post on this trailer. I'll be better next time.
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About 2/3 through the video that giant hologram looking Megatron reminds me of Beast Machines for some reason.

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Please please please GB do a quick look for this or let us know how you feel as soon as you get your hands on a copy as we all want to know what this game is really like and we wait with baited breath.
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Activision is trying to build a mini-hype train. I hope it works.

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It's the character designs that has people hyped. The game looks as though it going to take us back to the good old G1 era...but I'm very skeptical. Activision's two previous TF games weren't terrible...they just weren't fun. I don't see anything "fun" about this game yet.
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@Yzzerdd said:
" How many more trailers are you going to put out Activison? Compensating much or just trying to set a record? "
Na they are just spending the advertising dollars that will be made up for with the outrageous prices for the DLC on this game...lol
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@slyely:  Fits the theme of Transformers toys haha! Can't wait for 20 dollar Optimus Prime black repaint DLC.
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you know they made that "darkwatch" game and it was fantastic.

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What is the Cybertron economy like when there not at war?

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would love to give this game a try :D