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Posted by Max_Cherry

Welcome back Patrick!

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Posted by ouranou

...the many sings to us....

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Spooken Scoops in Space!

This looks freaky by the way. Must get this.

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The most apt thing for your first post back.

Posted by dinkys

Routine with the Oculus Rift would be frightenly awesome!

Good to see you back on the site Scoops! You was missed.

Posted by Max_Cherry

It's got a good '90s futuristic Sci-Fi feel to it.

Posted by Glottery

Noice visuals.

Posted by Nerdware

Man, that first jump scene got me good. Hah hah.

Posted by Sil3n7

Patrick's first post in Chi town!

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@max_cherry: Says the aim is "80'S SCI-FI" so not far off. Man I love those kind of future computers, the sound made when they spit out text and the high contrast yellow lettering. Just reminds me of being a kid watching Alien!

Posted by joshwent

LOVE the laggy display on that handheld camera thing. Looks like tons of wonderful details like that in this. Hopeful!

Posted by Rorie

This looks pretty neat.

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um... Echo Night: Beyond much?

Posted by GaspoweR
Posted by mavs

I thought the description read "computer death interfaces."

Posted by PimblyCharles

beep beep

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Like the floppies laying around for that 80's future. Definite Alien influence of the spacestation as the haunted house you can't ever leave feeling.

Posted by HerbieBug

yay retro future. :)

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Oculus Rift support is baked in. That's great. I don't think I could play that way, but that's great. I'd shit my pants, my heart would explode, and I'd be dead.

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Doom 3 Computer Interfaces: The Game. Sold.

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Fuck, it has a water part.

Posted by fatbody75

Looks awesome!

Posted by McQuinn

He speaks from the great beyond!

Posted by Sploder

Sick ass killer robots. Hell yeah.

Posted by Rustafur

Hope the boxed copy comes with a new pair of tighty whities.

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Oh god yes.

Posted by JesterPC238

This looks outstanding. Can't Wait. Welcome back Patrick!

Posted by DeF


What an amazing trailer. Fantastic camera work!

At first I was like "Half Life 3, is that you?" Then I was like "System Shock 3, is that you?" And then I was like "HOLY FUCKING SHIT WHAT AAAAH I PEED MY PANTS!"

Posted by paisan13

This game is developed for the Oculus Rift, just thinking of the visuals, in 3D, on Oculus, thats scary ^_^

Posted by JayCee

Tricky Scoops, back in the saddle!

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I feel good about saying this looks like Doom 4 should look.

Also I think we're just on the cusp of needing a "broken overturned vending machine" concept page. :) It's kindof a thing.

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Voted for this on Greenlight, good to see that it's turning out interesting.

Posted by MeatSim

That robot just wanted a soda from that vending machine.

Posted by MrBubbles

At first glance of the thumbnail I thought this was going to be that Stargate SG-1 game I've always wanted made.

Posted by Monkeyman04

Oculus Rift! O_O I don't care what the video would be like, but Scoops, you better play it with one on.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

fucking sold

Posted by JackColt

Game looks awesome, but whoever was doing the playthrough was a little jerky with the camera moves. I usually don't get motion sickness, but this had me feeling off.

Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff

Gonna livestream this with the Oculus Rift and live out my dream of dying on camera.

Posted by fuzzypumpkin

That looks pretty great. Definitely digging the aesthetic. Very reminiscent of Amnesia, also.

Posted by FlipperDesert

Ooh! I was just looking at this last week, I assumed it was dead. Yay!

Posted by BeachThunder

@ouranou said:

...the many sings to us....

Silence the discord!

@patrickklepek Speaking of which, any chance of playing more SS2?

Posted by Ulong

This game looks ready to be the next System Shock 2.

Posted by Whark

@ulong: Got that vibe from it immediately.

Posted by MelficeVKM

Looks cool! I think I'd die playing it with Occulus Rift on though

Posted by dsi1

I cannot wait for the Rift enabled Spookin' With Scoops for this.

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