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This looks dope

Posted by zzzellyn

Dead Space - heavy combat + Doom 3 interfaces + 80s. Seems interesting.

Posted by LaszloKovacs

I want this game all up in my faaaaaaaaace

Posted by Nethlem

This looks like System Shock meets Amnesia, with Oculus Rift support.

So it looks all kinds of awesome!

Posted by bunnymud

Got a strong Beyond the Black Rainbow feel

Posted by BisonHero

@iamnotbatman said:

Voted for this on Greenlight, good to see that it's turning out interesting.

Yeah, I thought this looked familiar. I also voted for it!

Posted by DaddyCabinet

I dont know about you guys but things you can hear coming are way scarier.

Edited by MikeLemmer

This seems like a game where every noise you make is way too loud for your own comfort. Where's the Mute button on these computers?

Posted by Darkstar_Pug


Can't wait for episode 2 of this fucking siiiiiiick ER.

Posted by tourgen

oh my god THIS LOOKS AMAZING! artificial AI in an abandoned space station!~?! HELL YES!

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This looks like an amazing game I will never touch. I will live vicariously through Patrick when the inevitable spookin' happens.

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There is a lot of slick style and little details scattered throughout this trailer. Probably my favorite thing is how the video feed on the night-vision camera chugs with each frame, which gives the item (and world) authenticity, lending a different sense of realism to its world.

Posted by wiggle987


Posted by Rotnac

Oculus Rift support? That's the fucking worst and best idea ever!

Posted by Crickut

I was excited for a split second 'cause I saw this in the Endurance Run section... but it ain't no Endurance Run.

But-- this game looks intense, I want some!

Posted by yinstarrunner

Looks like Amnesia in Space, to put it in the most reductive terms possible...

I like it.

Posted by Strathy

This is nothing but System Shock 2... WHICH IS AWESOME!

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Well that looks cool

Edited by Rejizzle

Alright, consider that trailer Endured!

Posted by spilledmilkfactory

I will play this with the Rift, and it will probably be a bad scene.

Posted by Akujin

Where Farcry 3 Blood Dragon, did 80's Future.

This game simply bleeds 90's Future. but its fucking horror?

Absolute Win

Posted by benpicko

Why is this in the Endurance Run section?

Edited by Grulet

@benpicko said:

Why is this in the Endurance Run section?

Probably just a mistake, as it's also in the Trailers section. Not that I wouldn't want to see an Endurance Run of a horror game. Just add Vinny there with Patrick and boom! Also, goddamn water parts...I really hope I get to 'enjoy' of those in nearby months already.

...though I guess that would be kinda hard in the current situation, but you can't make any ERs without two peeps being there!

Edited by kseoul

Creepy. This will definitely be a game I purchase and never play with the Rift, lol. That ending bit was probably the worst part of me. They really nailed the sounds to make you feel like an entity was rushing up to you. Rarely does a game achieve that.

On another note, I can't even imagine what gaming will be like if/when we utilize artificial feedback that tricks our minds into feeling pressure/touch. I feel like that will be the end of gaming itself, as it will scare everyone out of their minds. The resurgence of horror games will happen all over again, and scenes depicted in this game will literally cause heart attacks when you can "feel" something pulling you off of a ladder.

Edited by djames216

I was on edge just watching this trailer which is very rare for me. I can't imagine what I would be like actually playing this. This looks awesome and creepy.

Posted by TerraTempest

This game gives me a nice system shock 2 vibe.

Posted by leebmx

Old space stations and old future tech are way more scary than deserted mansions or spooky houses or whatever. Something about how clean everything looks in a space station which makes anything weird seem even more disturbing.

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Posted by jarowdowsky

Liking the look but I'm still really hankering for a new hard sci-fi game, horror just isn't my thing these days.

Posted by John1912

That looked pretty fucking awesome. Great atmosphere!

Posted by Tordah

The visual style for this game is amazing. So many cool little details. Too bad I'm a coward when it comes to horror games.

Posted by Accolade

That gun sound was satisfying.

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@dinkys said:

Routine with the Oculus Rift would be frightenly awesome!

Good to see you back on the site Scoops! You was missed.

Yes and...


Posted by JauntyHat

Man! I love seeing this but hate it all the same, I've been cooking on such an idea for some time now and seeing it done so well gives such a great high. Other people have mentioned it before but that laggy night vision weapon display is fantastic, can already see where that will be terrifying!

Posted by Hazelnuttz

Late 70's early 80's sci fi is by far my favorite sci fi. I got a serious Alien vibe from the computers in this game

Edited by fisk0

Voted for this on Greenlight, good to see that it's turning out interesting.

Yeah, it was one of the first and most impressive games to show up in Greenlight. I think it was the first game I voted for, and it looks great.

Edited by MasterRain

The noise of the thing that gets him on the ladder *shiver*

Also FUCK playing this with an oculus rift, that would be dangerously scary.

Posted by Oddballs

Next endurance run?

Posted by reversethedevil

looks cool. reminds me I should go back and play amnesia.

Posted by NekuCTR

@patrickklepek: This video is in the endurance run tab of the video menu.

Posted by gugagomes7

Looks amazing...wish I could afford a proper gaming pc!

Posted by Malarkain

@nekuctr: Routine confirmed for next Endurance run!

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