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trippy. looks fun.

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I thought art style AND clever gameplay was supposed to be important.  You can play an ugly version of what this video shows on Kongregate.

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I definitely enjoy this gameplay style. I'll download this when its out.

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That would be neat for a couple plays, but I couldn't see it lasting much more than that. For me, at least.

Posted by RollHard86

Impossible game?


This looks crazy! It's like I'm on acid...

Posted by jim_dandy

If you're as interested in the Bit.Trip lore as I am, don't watch. SPOILERS!

Posted by paisan13

Looks really cool, will pick this up at the same time as Castlevania, so hopefully it will be released soon ^_^

Posted by SoyBob

Hang on, is Anamaniguchi in this game? Because that puts it up a few notches in my book. Sadly, I don't have a Wii.

Posted by Milkman

Is it just me or is this video really blurry?

Posted by Gusj

Is that Meat Boy in the background at 1:28?

Posted by Kyle

Looks pretty cool. Might get it, depending on price.

Posted by BulletStorm

Liked the Anamanaguchi touch - Gatjin games sponsored BLIPFESTIVAL 09 so they are good in my book.

Posted by Atomasist

I want robot unicorns in this game.

Posted by ghostNPC

 Anamanaguchi at the end :D  I'll have to get this game's soundtrack.

Posted by Terjay

This looks fun and addictive. Too bad I don't have and probably won't buy a Wii.

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I see this game being bad for my blood pressure..

Posted by MauveForest

I love this games style. The music is sick.

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@SoyBob: Sure sounds like it.
Posted by Knives

I love Bit.Trip games.

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The bit  trip games look good.  I hope they can bring them to other platforms.

Posted by Dalai

This game is like a basket of puppies farting rainbows. I can't wait to get my grubby, little hands on this.

Posted by MikkaQ

Man this looks glorious. Tomena Sanner be damned!

Posted by Legend

This looks really good.

Posted by DrRandle

It's what a Sonic game should be.

Posted by Ossi

Looks really great, the music is awesome.

Posted by Kraznor

Dang, looks like Canabalt but colorful and with tons of retroness. Looks promising.

Posted by Roomrunner

Love all of the Bit.Trip games.  This looks like the streak of awesome will continue.

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That ending music was awesome. Wish I could play this.

Posted by DeadMonkeys

Open your eyes
I see
You eyes are ope... 

Posted by SinGulaR

The main character looks like the ninja in that old Bruce Lee game.
Posted by Antihero

Dino Run says hi.

Posted by lockwoodx

It's a a game for kids who never touched an atari but think they are cool. No sale.

Posted by ThisCrab

Anamanaguchi bursting forth at the end made me think my iTunes had flared up without me noticing. 
"Hey what the oh what oh that makes sense" 
Seriously this trailer betrays how fucking impossible this game is going to be.

Posted by Ramyun

Man I totally thought of Mirror's Edge when I saw that construction level at the end.

Posted by Tordah

Great retro music.

Posted by I_smell

the sequel to tomana sanner

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Posted by Ragdrazi
@Ramyun said:
" Man I totally thought of Mirror's Edge when I saw that construction level at the end. "
Thanks for telling us.
Posted by Snail

Looks like a tribute to Sonic the Hedgehog's early games. 
The music, the gameplay, the springs, the final bosses.

Posted by growl

irun on ipone nuff said

Posted by squidracerX
@Snail said:

" Looks like a tribute to Sonic the Hedgehog's early games.   The music, the gameplay, the springs, the final bosses. "

Yeah, i don't know why this style of game is making such a big splash this year, i don't know what the genre is called but yeah "running games", in the sonic vein i guess... I mean there is: 
the new Sonic game coming this year, a flash game called Canabalt , there is Dino Run, flood runner, coal runner, Adultswim.com has one called Robot Unicorn Attack, the other Wii Ware runner Tomena Sanner, then even games like Mirror's edge or Free Running.. Im not a fan of running! 
 Although robot unicorn attack is funny as hell!
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Game looks cool I guess-OHMYGODANAMANAGUCHI!!!!!
 must buy !

Posted by MeatSim

I like the baseball slide.

Posted by clarke0

Chiptune artists featured in game ads? Fucking awesome.

Posted by Hostile

Meat Boy cameo!

Posted by Rowr

old is the new new.

Posted by Willy105

This looks awesome.
But the Bit. Trip games are notorious for two things: Being awesome games, and being very short games.
Hopefully this one is longer.

Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN

Oh, 2D Pepsiman.

Posted by JoeOE18

The music at the end of that was awesome.